David Drawyer

David Drawyer Arrested For Sexual Assault on a Child

David Drawyer is a long-standing resident of Kewanee, Illinois and recently arrested for sexual assault against a child.

He is being held on a $500,000 bond and has denied the charges against him. The Rock Island County Court has charged him with three counts of predatory sexual assault against a child.

Early Life and Education

David and Alison Drawyer have lived in Middletown, Delaware, for four decades in a historic home they adore. Passionate antiques collectors, they were instrumental in saving two local historic homes from demolition. Additionally, they frequently loan objects from their collections to Winterthur for special exhibitions.

He was born in Scotland and moved to Stark County, Ohio, in 1876. He was raised on a farm and received an education through public schools. Married twice – first to Addie De Lent then Maggie Dryden – they had five children: George, Miles, John, Marvin and Douglas. From 1984-1989 he served as Governor of Delaware before passing away February 16, 2006 at Rehoboth Beach Dewees Cemetery.

Achievement and Honors

David Drawyer boasts an impressive list of accomplishments and honors to his name. He was a standout basketball player in the early 2000s, and is now enjoying college life without worrying about tuition or fees. Additionally, David was part of an outstanding football team that finished in the top half of their league – earning them the coveted coach of the year award!

Personal Life

On April 7, Milan police arrested David Drawyer for predatory sexual assault against a child. He was charged with three counts of the Class X felony and is being held at Rock Island County Jail on a $500,000 bond.

He was found guilty on all three counts and faces the maximum 50 years in prison. Authorities also discovered child pornography in his possession, according to a press release from Milan Police Department. When caught, he admitted downloading 245,505 images of child abuse from the Internet. Prosecutors noted his history of outraging public decency; exposing his genitals and underwear to people outside his flat before fighting police who arrived to help. Furthermore, two counts were laid against him for assaulting emergency workers during this ordeal.

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