David Falconer

David Falconer – An Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

David Falconer is an orthopedic hand surgeon located in Woodbury, Minnesota and board-certified. He accepts multiple insurance plans and accepts cash payments as well.

He is a member of the American Association for Hand Surgery and holds affiliations with M Health Fairview St. John’s Hospital, M Health Fairview Woodwinds Hospital and Regina Hospital.

He married Laurel Gaarder-Jensen in July 1982 and is a proud son of Scottish heritage. In his free time he enjoys traveling, motorcycling, flying and spending time with family.

Early Life and Education

David Falconer was born in Connecticut and attended the University of New York. Following graduation, he began working with renowned artist David Hockney on stage productions across NYC, LA and London.

He also created and illustrated children’s books, his most renowned being the Olivia series featuring a bright and witty young pig.

He was married for over 20 years to his partner and lived in a detached home in Portola Valley CA with their family. They enjoy cycling, golfing and visiting their ski cabin in Truckee CA when not on holiday.

Professional Career

Falconer had an illustrious professional career, including her tenure as one of the founding faculty members at Spelman College in Atlanta. As an educator, scholar and leader she generously shared her time, talents and energies with students across all grade levels.

On the business front, Falconer was an accomplished entrepreneur with numerous companies to his name. He provided consulting services to numerous Fortune 500 companies and was often a keynote speaker at industry events. For many years he served as Chairman of Falconer Pictures – an award-winning feature film and television production company. His most acclaimed projects included futuristic western Forsaken and southwestern suspense thriller Wander. Additionally, Falconer had an innate talent for golfing, winning several prestigious championships while being an immensely proud father to two sons.

Achievements and Honors

Dr. Falconer is the recipient of numerous academic accolades and distinctions. He earned a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and his doctorate from the United States Naval Academy.

He has a passion for teaching and sharing his expertise with others. His goal is to promote an active learning culture, motivating students to explore their individual interests while aiding them in becoming independent thinkers.

In addition to his work at Spelman, he is an active participant of the IEEE Communications Society. He has served on technical committees for numerous wireless conferences and earned himself a Fellowship with this organization for his contributions in telecommunications. Furthermore, he received several professional awards from IEEE Canada for his efforts in this area as well as receiving their 2009 Fessenden (Telecommunications) Medal.

Personal Life

On Tuesday, David Falconer passed away at 63 years of age. He was an acclaimed artist specializing in art history and design but also taking photographs primarily of western America.

He was a Caldecott Honoree and designed numerous covers for The New Yorker (see examples here). His books included the popular Olivia series from the early-aughts.

His nephews Perry and Augie inspired him to pen a children’s book entitled Two Dogs.

His partner of approximately two decades, Bonney, lives in a detached home near Portola Valley CA. They enjoy cycling around the Bay Area and visiting their ski cabin in Truckee CA as well as traveling.

Net Worth

David Falconer was born in Belleville, Michigan and moved to Arizona to start his church. As a pastor and dedicated individual, he worked tirelessly for God, his family, and others.

He enjoyed a successful career and earned recognition for his artistic ability. With an estimated net worth of $7 million dollars, the artist enjoyed great success throughout his career.

He has amassed wealth through his successful career as an author and illustrator of children’s books. Additionally, he designed sets and costumes for theater productions, creating 30 covers for The New Yorker magazine alone as well as other publications.

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