David Fant

David Fant

David Fant is an American entrepreneur best known for co-founding JetBlue and building it into the fastest-growing airline in the world. Additionally, he founded OpenSkies, a company that specialized in touch screen airline reservation and check-in systems.

He was arrested in May 2020 for sexually abusing a seven-year-old girl. He and his son Hayden Fant were charged with the most serious offense under Texas law.

Early Life and Education

David Fant was born in South Carolina, USA and is an American football player who currently plays for the Seattle Seahawks as a Undrafted Free Agent.

He attended a private high school in his hometown and later studied anthropology at college.

Liberal arts education can have a powerful impact on society, but it must also be carefully constructed.

Gene C. Fant Jr.’s The Liberal Arts: A Student’s Guide lays out an educational vision that equips students for their calling and equips them to live out the gospel in the world.

However, this book is filled with errors. One particularly troubling instance is Fant’s failure to acknowledge anthroposophy’s troubled reactionary legacy.

Professional Career

Fant is currently employed as a football coach at Morgan State University and oversees the development of their running backs.

He is a real estate agent, mortgage originator and attorney to high net worth clients. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business as well as a master’s in law from the University of Miami.

As such, he has achieved notoriety within the community and earned himself several awards in the process. It’s no wonder why he has become so well-known in this industry!

Achievements and Honors

David Fant has achieved many remarkable accomplishments and been recognized with the PRSA-LA Sunrise Honors, which recognize leaders in public relations who promote opportunities and representation for underrepresented communities such as African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, members of the LGBTQI+ community, and people living with disabilities.

He served as a mentor for teenage artists in the “For the Love of Land” project, which involved recycling litter from local acequias into sculptures. This initiative was developed with Northern New Mexico College and funded by Sundance Institute Documentary Producers Lab.

He has extensive coaching experience with tight ends at Bowie State (2014-2021), leading two CIAA 1st Team All-Conference Tight Ends including Khari Lee (2014) and Dushon David (Detroit Lions/Buffalo Bills). Additionally, he served as running backs coach for Team Gaither in the inaugural HBCU Legacy Bowl of 2022.

Personal Life

David Fant is an American author, pastor and engineer who has penned numerous books and articles. Additionally, he advocates for adoption rights.

He and his son, Hayden Fant, are accused of repeatedly abusing a 7-year-old girl. If convicted, both could face prison terms of up to 99 years.

He has extensive experience as an assistant football coach at various schools. Additionally, he has written sportswriter and columnist pieces for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Christian Post and Christian and Missionary Alliance Weekly. A proud father of three children, he resides in Texarkana, Texas.

Net Worth

David Fant is an American football player for the Seattle Seahawks. His net worth has been reported as $2,425,000.

He is widely considered the top tight end in the NFL, appearing in all 17 games this season for the Seahawks and catching 50 passes for 486 yards and scoring four touchdowns.

He is currently entering his fifth-year option with the team and has a cap hit of $2,211,917 in 2022 that will increase to $6,850,000 in 2023.

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