David Fearnley

David Fearnley

David Fearnley is an author and illustrator best known for his children’s books. Additionally, he has experience as an early childhood educator in England.

He possesses a can-do attitude, which allows him to achieve any goal he sets his mind to. For his accomplishments, he has earned numerous awards and accolades.

Early Life and Education

Three-time Paralympic gold medalist David Fearnley was raised in the small NSW town of Carcoar, where he was nurtured by family and a supportive community that enabled him to overcome his early struggles.

He was born with a non-functioning section of his lower spine and sacrum, yet that didn’t stop him from trying his best to succeed. His drive, strength and resilience provided the impetus for all of his numerous accomplishments.

Fearnley put all his hard-won experiences to the test in the Commonwealth Games marathon, and it paid off. The race marked his final outing for Australia, and he came through to triumph in front of a home crowd.

Professional Career

David Fearnley has extensive experience in the healthcare sector. He has held multiple leadership roles, such as Chief Executive and Deputy Chief Executive for NHS organizations, in addition to Chairing several health associations. Furthermore, David is responsible for leadership development, co-production with users of services and partnership working across the UK.

Former scout master David Fearnley of Lime Avenue in Weaverham was found guilty of two sets of indecent assault against two boys aged 12 and 15. This offending occurred when he was still in his 30s and serving as a scout leader.

Achievements and Honors

David Fearnley has been an inspiring ambassador for the Paralympic Movement throughout his career. With 13 Paralympic medals and four World Championship titles under his belt, he is widely renowned for his dedication, strength and resilience.

Fearnley is an Aussie legend with a non-functioning lower spine and sacrum. His determination, determination, and willingness to put himself through extreme pain have cemented his place as one of Australia’s paralympic legends.

He was recently recognized by the NSW Institute of Sport as their ‘Most Outstanding Athlete’, becoming only the third Paralympic athlete to do so, joining Louise Sauvage OAM and Michael Milton OAM in receiving this prestigious honor.

Personal Life

David Fearnley is the chief interior designer for Bentley, a car manufacturer that creates luxury automobiles. At 63 years old, he’s also an artist.

He is renowned for his works of automotive art, which showcase his fascination with transport-oriented mechanical subjects. He typically paints oil sketches and more finished compositions, with themes spanning from transportation to motor racing.

Fearnley had previously taught maths at The Grange Comprehensive School in Runcorn before his arrest in June, when police discovered 20 offensive images and videos on his computer.

Net Worth

David Fearnley’s net worth is estimated at an impressive $450 million (PS332 million) as of 2019, surpassing his annual income from various sources.

In 1982 he met Shane MacGowan and Jem Finer, who were looking for an accordion player for their band The Pogues. For many years he played alongside them in this band.

He is also a member of Cranky George, which he formed in 1996 and plays accordion, guitar and foot-operated snare drum.

He is a television host renowned for his programs on food and sustainability. An Australian citizen, he has been married to actress Danielle von Zerneck since 1989 and their children include Martha and Irene.

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