David Freese Net Worth

David Freese is an American professional baseball player. As a third baseman for St. Louis Cardinals, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Pittsburgh Pirates he gained significant experience during his time on the diamond.

Freese attended Lafayette High School in Wildwood, Missouri where he hit 23 homers during his senior season. Following this he joined University of South Alabama Baseball Team Jaguars.

Early Life and Education

David Freese was born April 28, 1983, in Corpus Christi, Texas and currently resides in Wildwood, Missouri. At Lafayette High School – Wildwood in Missouri- he participated in baseball; setting a Lafayette-record batting average of.533 while being considered one of Missouri’s premier shortstops. His father Guy Freese is a civil engineer while Lynn Freese is a teacher.

His personal life remains unknown to the public and does not disclose details regarding his family life, although he does have one son and one dog named Bobdog. Bobdog follows Jesus, while playing drums for 100 Gecs as well as recording albums with Danny Elfman (recording albums by him is also possible).[28] He performed at Coachella 2022.

Professional Career

Freese was selected in the ninth round of the 2006 MLB draft by the San Diego Padres and played there until they traded him to St. Louis Cardinals in 2009. That year he helped win their inaugural World Series. Later he also played with Los Angeles Angels and Pittsburgh Pirates before his retirement in 2018.

Freese is also a musician. Since 1989, he has played drums for punk band the Vandals and later with Devo reformed lineup. Additionally, Freese has appeared as session drummer on several albums such as Danny Elfman’s Big Mess and 100 gecs’ 10,000 gecs releases as session drummer.

Freese has battled depression and been addicted to alcohol. He credits Mairin, his wife, as well as social worker as helping him conquer these addictions.

Achievement and Honors

David Freese is an esteemed baseball player renowned worldwide, as an inspiration to millions of people around the globe. For his efforts he has received several prestigious awards and honors.

He was an influential third baseman on the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals World Series Championship team and also held positions with Los Angeles Angels and Pittsburgh Pirates.

He is not only known for his professional baseball career, but is also an accomplished drummer with an impressive resume of appearances on albums as first call session musician or band member. In particular, he has played on three albums by punk rock act 311 as first call session musician or band member as well as filling in for Suicidal Tendencies’ drummer Chad Sexton during Warped Tour dates and playing drums on numerous Devo songs such as their non-album single “Merry Something to Everybody”. Additionally he has amassed quite an impressive net worth over time.

Personal Life

David Freese was born in Corpus Christi, Texas on April 28, 1983 and has become one of the most acclaimed MLB third basemen since making his MLB debut with St Louis Cardinals in 2011. Since then he has also represented Los Angeles Angels and Pittsburgh Pirates.

He turned down an offer from the University of Missouri for college baseball scholarship, instead enrolling at St. Louis Community College to play on its team and playing one season before moving on to University of South Alabama where he won a regional championship title.

Freese hit a game-tying two-run triple in Game 6 of the World Series to help secure Cardinals victory and become champions. He currently remains free agent.

Net Worth

David Freese is a renowned American baseball player. He has played for multiple teams including St. Louis Cardinals, Pittsburgh Pirates and Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim; boasting an impressive career record that boasts 535 runs batted in and 113 home runs. His average was.277 during this time.

In 2011, he played an instrumental role in helping the franchise win its inaugural World Series championship, setting an outstanding example for professional athletes on how to maintain focus and embrace success with proper mindset.

Freese has managed to remain private about his personal life despite his success, marrying Mairin O’Leary and giving birth to their two children Kia and Cato Gregory Freese in Austin Texas where they currently reside with a pet named Sam.

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