David Holiner

David Holiner is a Doubles Player at the University of Texas

After years of struggling to enjoy singles tennis, David Holiner finally found success as a doubles player. Through developing strong relationships with his teammates and enjoying doubles matches at Texas, David was able to achieve balance between tennis, academics and life at school.

He earned All-ACC Academic honors after winning more than 70 singles and doubles matches since joining the team in 2009-10.

Early Life and Education

Holiner, a senior at the University of Texas, is one of the top doubles players in America. Not only does he possess an impressive track record for winning big matches, but he also enjoys getting to know his teammates both on and off the court.

Last season, Holiner and his partner Chris Camillone achieved his greatest college tennis triumph when they upset the number one ranked team in America. For Holiner, this was a momentous occasion as it marked his first time playing with such an accomplished doubles ace in over ten years of college tennis competition. Additionally, Holiner was amazed that they made it to the top of Division I NCAA doubles competition despite not being seeded as number one seeds.

Professional Career

Holiner first started playing tennis when he was six years old, though he was initially hesitant. Not sure if he wanted to pursue a career in tennis, Holiner soon discovered how much enjoyment he could get out of playing doubles matches. With time, though, Holiner began enjoying the sport again and quickly made friends through it.

Holiner is a senior at Texas and has already made an NCAA final, earning him the distinction of being an All-American. Together with his doubles partner Chris Camillone, they are currently ranked 41st nationally.

Holiner is relishing his last season at Texas, having made the most of his college experience and built strong bonds with his teammates. After graduation, he plans to obtain his real estate license and travel abroad; additionally, he hopes to keep involved with tennis and one day become a professional player.

Achievement and Honors

David Holiner is a senior at the University of Texas in Austin and an elite player on their varsity tennis team. Throughout his career, he has achieved remarkable accomplishments such as winning the coveted NCAA men’s doubles championship – something no other Texas man has done in over 25 years! And his accolades don’t stop there; he was chosen to represent his country at the 2013 Maccabiah Games – an important sporting event for Jews worldwide.

David was an award-winning business communications major at UT who demonstrated remarkable humility throughout his career. This trait was especially evident during his first national appearance as a representative of the USA at the 2009 Maccabiah Games.

Personal Life

At the age of 6, David Holiner began playing tennis for his mother’s enjoyment. Although he wasn’t particularly fond of it at first, playing doubles with a teammate eventually led to an appreciation of the sport.

Holiner, a business communications major at the University of Texas, has quickly established himself as one of the top players on their tennis team – currently ranked 23rd nationally by Intercollegiate Tennis Association. Additionally, he’s part of the United States Open team that will compete at Maccabiah Games from June 17-30 in Israel with partner Chris Camillone who ranks 13th in America; they earned All-American honors last season and are expected to compete in NCAA championship this season.

Net Worth

David Holiner’s net worth is estimated to be $20,000, which he receives as a salary from the University of Texas. Additionally, he has an investment portfolio with stocks and other securities. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in finance from UTA, he plans on pursuing a career in real estate after graduation. Currently serving as captain of his men’s tennis team as an All-American last season and having played an NCAA final, David lives with his parents and sister in Dallas where he also owns a dog named Bella.

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