David Imlay

Artist Profile – David Imlay

We will explore David Imlay, an artist known for his paintings. His style draws its influence from twentieth-century American Contemporary Realism as well as Photorealism that emerged during the late 60’s and early 70’s.

As a child, David spent time at his father’s flower shop. There he watched and learned as much as possible from John David Imlay about running such an enterprise.

Early Life and Education

David Imlay owns and operates his Zanesville flower shop as the fourth generation in his family to do so.

Dave enjoys gardening and fishing in his free time, which his family are very important parts of his life.

His parents, who instilled work ethic, faith and positivity into him from an early age are his key influences.

John Imlay earned a perfect grade point average during his four years of high school in Zanesville.

He served as class president, National Honor Society member, varsity basketball team member, and Spartan Nation member. Following graduation he plans on enrolling at University of Michigan Flint and studying business management.

Professional Career

As the fifth-generation Imlay to take over his family business, David has spent much of his time finding what works for both himself and his company. He believes the key to his success lies in keeping an open mind and staying informed with modern trends.

For your business to thrive and remain unique, the best approach is to constantly ask yourself and others questions about your wants and needs. Doing this will ensure you don’t miss out on opportunities in the future that might include new ways of reaching customers or technologies that could make things better all-round – while still upholding traditions that define its brand’s culture. Luckily, all this won’t have to happen by yourself!

Achievement and Honors

David Immlay is an award-winning member of the College Art Association and draws his artistic inspiration from American Contemporary Realism and Photorealism.

He has shown his work at galleries and museums across the United States, and is also a member of the National Association of Oil and Pastel Painters.

Professor at the University of Michigan, his research encompasses Peroxidase, Nitrosylation and Microbiology as applied to Escherichia coli, Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron, and Hydrogen peroxide. His approach is distinguished by deep insights coupled with extensive experimental rigor.

Personal Life

At different points throughout his career, David imlay has worked multiple jobs. These included being a truck driver and owning a flower shop.

He lived in Hurricane, California; Berthoud and Colorado; Vernal Utah and Casper Wyoming and was an adored husband and father who is survived by Jean their daughter Dawn.

David Imlay first made a name for himself with the publication of A Topographical Description in 1792. The work proved immensely popular and established his position as an authority on geopolitical matters on western North American territories.

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