David Jasphy

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David Jasphy

David Jasphy is a partner at Eversheds Sutherland with expertise in tax controversy and transactional planning. His practice encompasses state and local taxation matters as well as private equity firms, investment banks and insurance companies on complex transactions. David has represented clients in several high-profile cases such as Gonzalez v. The Warehousemen’s Association of New York (2000; finding unconscionability of limitation of liability clause) and Jasphy v. The Warehousemen’s Association Of New Jersey (2001; overturning judgment in favor of WANS).

Net Worth

David Jasphy is an iconic YouTube personality who has amassed millions of dollars from advertising through YouTube and endorsed various brands.

His income comes from YouTube videos, merchandise sales and collaborations with other companies. He boasts a large fan following and lives in an attractive house.

He lives in a luxurious home equipped with multiple fireplaces, an expansive backyard with greenery and an inground swimming pool – not to mention his impressive car collection!

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