David Kross

David Kross is a German Actor

David Kross is a German actor best known as the teenage lover of Kate Winslet’s character Hanna Schmitz in The Reader. In Trautmann he stars as Bert Trautmann – one of England’s greatest football heroes during the 1950s.

He has also portrayed a man trying to flee the GDR in his self-stitched hot-air balloon. Discover Germany spoke to him about his role and why he enjoys film-inspired travel so much.

Early Life and Education

David Broudo was born in Kozienice, Poland to religious Jewish parents and was the second of their four children.

David’s early life was marked by strictness and discipline. He worked diligently to live up to his father’s high expectations.

He had a passion for music and began playing the violin at an early age. His talent quickly spread around the world, earning him international renown as one of music’s premier violinists.

David was living in Saloniki, Greece when he joined a resistance movement during WWII. He fought alongside the Greek andartes and helped destroy German supply lines by smuggling munitions supplies into Athens and then past their blockade.

Professional Career

David brings with him over 30 years of expertise in business and technology leadership positions. Prior to joining us, he served as Senior Vice President, Global Investment Services at Evergreen Investments – a wholly owned subsidiary of Wachovia Corporation.

He brings an extensive knowledge of German, English and Spanish to the workplace. Additionally, he has extensive experience providing business, operational and technology strategy advice to financial institutions.

He is a partner in our tax practice and provides clients with expert guidance on a wide range of complex German and international equity capital market transactions, reorganisations, restructurings and difficult audit cases. He has become a go-to advisor to family owned businesses, private equity firms and insurance businesses alike.

Achievements and Honors

David Germany had an ambition to combine his love of math and finance into a platform for helping communities thrive. That is why he chose a career in banking, where he assists municipalities, large nonprofits, and schools meet and surpass their financial objectives.

As an associate at Regions Bank, he works to guarantee local governments, nonprofits and institutions receive the funding they require. Additionally, he serves as board member of the A.G. Gaston Boys and Girls Club in Birmingham where he helps provide 1,200 children annually with nutritional, academic, arts and athletic activities.

He is also a founding member of Impact Alabama, an agency that provides free vision screenings and college preparation to children in need. Furthermore, he serves as mentor to budding entrepreneurs at Birmingham’s Urban Entrepreneurship Center and has taken part in multiple civic initiatives.

Personal Life

David was an important figure in the Old Testament. He led Israel to victory over the Canaanites and established Jerusalem as its capital.

His political acumen and capacity for leaving a lasting impression on situations earned him many admirers, as well as the respect of Israel’s people. He was seen as an ideal king, with his story recounted in numerous psalms.

David was a passionate man with an intense sense of justice and fair play. He also had an innate generosity and kind nature, taking care of those in his care. David held strong religious beliefs and often spoke to God. In European Christian culture during the Middle Ages, David is often depicted as an ideal king; often depicted as such by artists.

Net Worth

David Beckham has amassed an enviable net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars through his endorsements, business ventures and investments.

He has amassed considerable wealth through real estate, which is one of his main investments. His properties span across the world, such as his 70-acre mansion on Martha’s Vineyard and 11,272-square foot Pacific Palisades home.

He has earned a considerable amount of money through his TV career, which includes hosting several shows and appearing on My Lottery Dream Home. Furthermore, his line of furniture and home decor products has proven profitable for him.

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