David Lamond

David Lamond (Venture Capitalist)

David Lamond is a former social worker turned vigilante who targeted corrupt politicians and police officers. Recently, he returned to San Francisco where he launched an entirely new business venture with some of his former Artis Capital colleagues.

He serves as chairperson of Quince Therapeutics and En Pointe LLC, an investment firm. Additionally, he has held directorships at Cortexyme and Arrinex.

Early Life and Education

David Lamond is an expert in venture capital investments. He has led multiple companies within the energy and technology sectors for Artis Capital Management, and serves on the boards of directors for Cortexyme and Arrinex.

He holds a Juris Doctor from Duke University and serves on the boards of directors for two non-profit organizations, Tipping Point Community and Ubuntu Pathways.

He is an aviation expert. He began flying in 1938, when he purchased a stagger-wing Beechcraft. Although he didn’t have much money at first, Lucille kept him going until 1939 when he earned his pilot’s license and purchased a Cessna Air Master aircraft.

Professional Career

David Lamond is a seasoned executive with four decades of experience. Currently, he serves as Pro Vice-Chancellor (Offshore Development) at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.

He has served as Executive Dean at the Faculty of Business and Law, served in local government roles at both state and national levels, and taught courses at universities both domestically and abroad.

Soon after leaving technology-focused hedge fund Artis Capital, Lamond has founded a new San Francisco-based firm with some of his former colleagues. The company has filed with the SEC and plans an April 1 launch of their $175 million vehicle. Notable among its 8 staffers are former Artis analyst John Schneider and Swift Barnes, who will serve as chief operating officer.

Personal Life

David Lamond is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. He has founded multiple companies.

He owns Lamond Capital Partners LLC, a venture capital firm, and has served on the boards of six other companies.

David Lamond has been happily married to Whoopi Goldberg since 1986.

Throughout their relationship, they had two children and are still together today.

He is a very private individual and likes to keep his personal life out of the public spotlight. In fact, he has never revealed any details about his family members.

Net Worth

David Lamond is an independent director at Applied Molecular Transport Inc and has an estimated net worth of $5.2 million. He owns 66,500 shares of Cortexyme stock which he has sold six times in the last four years at an average price of $210,805.

Former NBA player Lamond began his professional career with the Los Angeles Clippers in 1994 and played two seasons. He averaged 11.3 points and 4.1 rebounds per game during those two seasons.

He made a fortune through his investment in Rambus, which went public in 1997. Other notable successes include Actel, Compaq, HBO and Stratus. At Khosla Ventures he heads the hardware fund while serving on the boards of Seeo, Soladigm, Cogenra (sold to AMD), Point Source Power and Skybox. Furthermore he holds a Juris Doctor from Duke University.

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