David Logistics

David Logistics is a Leader in the Transportation and Logistics Topic at Boston Consulting Group

David Schaar is a leader of Boston Consulting Group’s Transportation and Logistics topic. His areas of focus include business strategy, transformational change management and operational optimization.

Harry & David, an award-winning multichannel specialty retailer of pears and gourmet food products, had difficulty moving its baskets and other materials into distribution centers in the U.S. with ease until entering into an innovative partnership that utilizes both oceanic and inland transport networks to gain efficiency gains.

Professional Career

Logistics is a global industry with plenty of opportunity for people looking to shape their future. From helping freight companies locate better routes to managing inventory efficiencies efficiently, there is something available in this field for everyone.

Since 2005, David has been employed at DB Schenker, beginning as an Intern and then as Operations Manager in Harrisburg North Carolina office. Now in this capacity he oversees one of their largest accounts.

He appreciates the team spirit he sees in the warehouse and direct communication between him and his colleagues. Additionally, he takes advantage of learning from others and incorporating their experience as part of his career development plan. For him personally, DB Schenker stands out as an exceptional place to work as they train employees individually as well as developing them into team players.

Achievement and Honors

David Logistics has accomplished much in his career. He served in the military and led a large logistics operations center at Defense Logistics Agency; as well as managing multiple supply chain and technology initiatives for Fortune 500 companies.

He recently earned the distinction of being named to the Defense Logistics Agency Hall of Fame for his career achievements, as well as being recognized by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine as one of its Pros to Know.

He also co-founded the University of Sydney Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, recently recognized by Research America (RA) as being among the world’s premier research centers in its field. Additionally, he was recently honored with membership into the Order of Australia for his significant services to transport and supply-chain management.

Personal Life

David Vieira brings over 25 years of executive logistics industry experience to his position as Chief Executive Officer at CLX Logistics. Before joining CLX, he served as President and COO for MXD Group Inc. – an innovative third-party logistics transportation provider focused on final mile delivery services to major retailers, distributors and manufacturers.

As part of DB Schenker’s management team, David begins each day at 8 am by attending a warehouse meeting to discuss which trucks will be on the road and what is due for delivery that day. David takes charge of assigning each of his truck to transport orders placed throughout the day.

Net Worth

DA Defense Logistics, owned and managed by David Granado and one of his key employees, provides logistic support services to U.S. military units as well as federal, state and local government agencies. As one of four finalists for SBA Texas Small Business Person of the Year Award.

Net worth can be defined as the difference between assets and liabilities. Assets could include cash, retirement accounts, investments and anything you could sell at a profit if necessary; liabilities include credit card debts, mortgage payments and student loan balances.

David boasts a net worth of over $11.8 million as of 2 March 2021, including over 15,000 units of Echo Global Logistics Inc stock which he has sold 16 times since 2012. Form 4 filings show this wealth.

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