David Lotton

David Lotton

David Lotton is an innovative entertainer renowned for his live shows that combine stand up comedy, puppetry and music into mind-boggling live shows. An experienced professional with years in the entertainment business behind them, Lotton continues to amaze his audiences!

He’s quickly become one of the show’s fan favorites thanks to his eccentric stage presence and offbeat sense of humor – truly making him stand out among its competitors! A real fan favorite and truly unforgettable.

Early Life and Education

David Lotton was deeply impacted by authoritarian educational practices during his youth and early education years in Forfar, Scotland, before going on to teach traditional methods at one of Scotland’s secondary schools.

He became a champion for freedom, evident by his writings. His works became an inspiration to educators and students across the world who had grown weary of authoritarian education methods.

He was an enthusiastic proponent of curiosity-based learning, with writings on this subject that remain as relevant today as they were during the late 20th century. Together with Frances Hawkins – an educator with keen observation of children’s learning processes – they developed an educational philosophy that transcended time and place – their work on adult/child learning has had an immense influence both here in America as well as globally.

Professional Career

David Lotton is a fitness expert and entrepreneur who has collaborated with numerous brands.

David was born June 28, 1965 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to parents with mixed Scottish and Italian heritage.

At Nicholas Senn High School he completed his high school education from 1999-2002 before enrolling at Lethbridge College located in Alberta, Canada.

After graduating from college, he joined the U.S Navy where he performed military duties for about 14 years before transitioning into logistics specialist and managing over $2 billion worth of aviation equipment. Additionally, he participated in Iraq War combat operations and earned himself Distinguished Service Medal award. Now married with two sons he firmly believes in giving more than taking.

Achievement and Honors

David Lotton has achieved numerous accomplishments throughout his life, such as being honored with induction into the Minnesota State Bar Association Law School Hall of Fame. Additionally, he was an integral member of Detroit Lakes community where he held multiple committee and board roles.

Outside his legal career, he was also an enthusiastic outdoor enthusiast who enjoyed exploring abandoned gold mines, hunting for game, and fishing for sport.

He was known for his generous spirit, refined sense of humor, and ability to find common ground among people from various walks of life. He loved his family dearly and was deeply committed to Diane; all who knew him will greatly miss him; however a celebration of his life will take place shortly; to best remember him we should work towards helping others realize their goals.

Personal Life

David Lotton is a popular fitness trainer who has made waves via YouTube. With millions of viewers following him online and millions more supporting him via sponsorships and ads, Lotton has amassed quite the fanbase over time.

He operates his own self-titled website where he sells paid programs – this has allowed him to generate an enormous profit.

His net worth is estimated to be approximately $950,000.

David Lotton has perfected the art of keeping his personal affairs out of public view, never disclosing information regarding any relationship or marriage he might be engaged in.

He was an ardent father, taking great joy in raising three sons: Shaun, Ceason and Brent with Diane as his partner.

Net Worth

David Lotton is a reality television personality who has built up his net worth from appearing on various shows and earning his living as a freelance writer and brand ambassador for different products and brands.

Bond Street Partners, established with his business partner James Harris, is an established real estate firm which has amassed an extensive portfolio of real estate assets throughout both North America and Europe.

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