David McCall

David McCall – An American Celebrity With a Net Worth of $1-5 Million

David McCall is an American celebrity from Aberdeen with an estimated net worth of $1-5 Million.

McCall is a surgical surgeon currently living in Waco, Texas. As part of his employment contract with ATSU-SOMA, he will be making medical mission trips around the world.

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Professional Career

David McCall is a lawyer with 48 years of experience in oil and gas law. He offers his services to clients in several capacities, such as acting as expert witness in title disputes, high asset divorces involving oil and gas properties, and trial lawyer cases involving complex issues.

His legal practice encompasses oil and gas transactions, contract negotiation, as well as advice on all aspects of upstream and midstream hydrocarbon operations. Furthermore, he represents clients before the General Land Office, Texas Railroad Commission and other state agencies that regulate these industries.

McCall has been an integral part of the Keizer community since 1996 and a graduate of ATSU-SOMA. As director of Restoration Gateway, a medical mission organization he founded in Uganda, McCall’s work with Restoration Gateway shows his dedication to both serving locally and globally.

Achievements and Honors

Dave McCall is an accomplished Oregonian who has earned the respect of his peers as both a business leader and community leader. His list of accomplishments is extensive, boasting many prestigious titles and an enviable reputation as an approachable, friendly, and professional legislator. His most impressive accomplishments include his patents, trade secrets, and exemplary customer service standards; tireless advocacy for local businesses and residents alike; and unwavering support of public education in all its forms. Dave is currently focused on furthering his political agenda for the next decade. A resident of Rockaway Beach, he has lived in Oregon most of his life and enjoys outdoor activities. His daughter Julia is a senior at the University of Oregon studying dance.

Personal Life

McCall has a distinguished record of service and commitment to his community. Together with his wife, he has dedicated their lives to numerous social causes such as refugee resettlement and land mine awareness.

McCall is an active member of the United Steel Workers International Union and serves as International Vice President (Administration). During the recent global economic downturn, his efforts helped keep thousands of USW jobs secure.

He and his wife have also dedicated their time to humanitarian organizations such as Restoration Gateway in Uganda, which operates a ministry to restore homes damaged by war. Through their work, life-saving land mine detection and removal technology has been brought to areas that desperately need it.

Net Worth

McCall is a successful medical professional with an impressive net worth. His success has been achieved through his career and commitment to humanitarian work, both of which he has dedicated much time and energy into.

He is married with six children and dedicated to finding a balance between his career and family life.

His commitment to serving others both locally and globally is deeply ingrained in him; his parents, David and Kay McCall, have been active participants in medical mission work around the world for decades.

Dave McCall is currently a doctor at ATSU, dedicated to providing healthcare in underserved regions of the world. As part of his contract, he can take time off work for medical mission trips abroad.

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