David McGlothlin

David McGlothlin

David McGlothlin is a Phoenix attorney specializing in consumer law and class action/mass tort cases. He holds memberships with both the Arizona State Bar Association and Federal Bar Association.

He graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 2007 and was admitted to practice law the following year, in 2008.

Early Life and Education

Dave McGlothlin has always had an interest in history, which is evident through his teaching style. To keep students engaged and interested, he regularly updates his curriculum.

He believes in helping students bring history alive through real-world projects, and his favorite class assignment was visiting a church near Emory & Henry College to research its history. This project opened his eyes to how much history is actually part of everyday life, motivating him to teach more effectively.

He holds a law degree from William & Mary and is an active member of the Virginia Bar Association. In addition to being an advocate for Appalachian education, he has served on numerous boards throughout Southwest Virginia.

Professional Career

Dave was an accomplished athlete with a professional baseball career. He pitched for the Cincinnati Reds and earned himself a place on the 1966 National League All-Star team.

He later pursued acting and appeared in several television plays and films.

McGlothlin was a native of Los Angeles, California and attended Reseda High School on the city’s westside. As part of their baseball team, he had an outstanding junior season.

He was a member of the Reds’ 1972 World Series-winning team, though he did not pitch in it. On October 20, he started Game Five against Oakland Athletics at Oakland-Alameda County Stadium and gave up a home run in the first inning.

Achievements and Honors

Dave McGlothlin has achieved much in his life. He has served as a leader for numerous organizations and his accomplishments have earned him accolades and honors alike.

His passion for history has driven him to teach it for 26 years. To keep the curriculum fresh and captivating, he constantly updates it – making the stories come alive for his students.

He is not only a teacher, but an accomplished musician and performer. He’s created music for museums, ghetto coffee shops and universities alike using his laptop and electronics to compose, improvise and DJ sets.

Personal Life

David Mcglothlin, a former skinhead, has begun his first job in six years. He credits Channel 4 TV show Wife Swap with changing his life by removing judgmental comments about him based on appearance alone.

He has made a name for himself as an accomplished history teacher, being one of 53 finalists for the National History Teacher of the Year Award.

At an awards ceremony to be held in June at the State House in Boston, McGlothlin will receive a $1,000 award and certificate of recognition.

The McGlothlins are deeply committed to philanthropy, making donations to numerous causes. However, their pride and joy lies in their work at Mountain Mission School – a tuition-free private school for disadvantaged children in Southwest Virginia.

Net Worth

The McGlothlin family, with assets of $760 million, is among Virginia’s wealthiest families. Additionally, they are philanthropists who have donated generously to numerous causes such as the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and William & Mary.

The family owns and operates a mining enterprise in Southwest Virginia. Their philanthropic giving includes gifts to Mountain Mission School, an boarding school that provides education to children from families unable to afford it.

Many members of the family have made a fortune from coal mining, including Jim McGlothlin – chairman and CEO of The United Co. which sold its mine holdings in 2009. He and Clyde Stacy are co-developers of the $400 million Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Bristol set to open at Bristol Mall; additionally they are working to change state gambling laws so commercial casinos can open doors in economically challenged Virginia cities.

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