David Neanover

David Neanover, a Man Accused of Starving His Dog to Death, Was Sentenced Thursday to 180 Days in Jail

On Thursday, David Neanover, who has been accused of starving his dog to death, was sentenced to 180 days in prison and 90 more for domestic violence as well as having to pay a fine.

Neanover lived with his wife Alicia on the top floor of a building on Main Street. Their apartment featured an open landing outside its door for Neanover to drop his garbage bags when he needed space in his apartment for them.

Early Life and Education

David Neanover and his wife had lived for several years at 6165 Main Street in Reily Township in one of two lavishly appointed and spacious apartments that comprised this complex, complete with an open landing that served both as patio space and storage area.

This area also featured a clothesline which weaved its way zigzagging between railings.

At the time of this incident, Neanover was in the company of a female with whom he allegedly engaged in an altercation about 24 hours earlier. Officers used an app to track her from State Line Road on State Route 2 all the way back to Neanover’s property on State Route 2.

Professional Career

David Neanover has made himself known in the corporate world. After joining his family’s business and studying business management, David decided to set out on his own.

The 47-year-old entrepreneur boasts a net worth of $9 Million. Additionally, he owns land properties.

His daughter Julia is co-parented by Lacey Chabert. Both share equal parental responsibilities.

Nehdar prefers to keep his personal life away from public scrutiny. Additionally, he lacks any verified social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram that allow for public access.

He believes that leadership success requires two components. First, you must be curious and ask questions; secondly, the ability to listen and communicate effectively are keys for leadership success.

Achievement and Honors

Neanover is well known among medical professionals as well as being an exceptional maker. One of his latest creations is a 3D printer capable of turning out some fantastic papercraft designs. Multiple machines have already been built and will soon be installed at Franklin County Health Care Center later this month. Utilizing high-speed computers and skilled tinkerers, Neanover will undoubtedly come up with numerous innovative new inventions in no time at all!

An important takeaway from Neanover’s long and distinguished career with the Ohio Department of Health is that she currently enjoys excellent company.

Personal Life

David Neanover and Alicia Neanover resided in an apartment on State Line Road in Reily Township. Their front door had an open landing that they used both for recreation and storage purposes.

They would often fill garbage bags and place them on the landing, and hang clothesline that zigzagged across between the railings.

In April, Butler County Dog Wardens responded to 6165 Main Street and discovered “Lou”.

After discovering he had no food or water, was starving, and covered in severe open wounds, they took him to Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton where X-rays revealed that he had eaten rocks.

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