David Noland

David Noland

Noland has long been passionate about automobiles, contributing articles about them to Outside magazine and others. Additionally, his book Travels Along the Edge details his many adventures around the globe.

After many years in banking, Dave decided to follow his passion of financial planning. Since then, he has successfully completed all requirements to become a CFP(r). Now at Summit Wealth Group he oversees portfolios of clients’ assets for them.

Early Life and Education

David Noland became fascinated with painting as a young boy. With access to his father’s brushes and paints, Noland used these to experiment.

Noland later attended Black Mountain College, an esteemed art school nearby his home. Here he studied under Ilya Bolotowsky who introduced him to Neo-Plasticism of Piet Mondrian; and Josef Albers who provided instruction in color theory.

After two years at Black Mountain, Noland headed off to Paris in order to study under Russian sculptor Ossip Zadkine and rebel against his Cubist teachings; instead opting instead for simplified color and form.

Professional Career

David Noland has over eleven years of experience working as a certified financial planner at Commonwealth Financial Network, an advisory firm with offices nationwide.

He has also held roles with Summit Wealth Group and The Vanguard Group, Inc. He holds a Series 63 license, and is registered to operate in Tennessee.

Dave enjoys fly fishing and playing guitar in his free time, and owns a Maltese named Molly. Dave finds great satisfaction helping clients realize their dreams and ambitions; working at Summit provides this wonderful opportunity. Dave attributes much of his success to working alongside such hardworking professionals – which all add up.

Achievement and Honors

David Noland has earned many accomplishments and honors throughout his career. An acclaimed mathematician by trade, Noland collaborated with John Bownds, Michael Ebersole, Daniel O’Connor and Richard Toman to create an award-winning computer software program that has become the worldwide standard for search and rescue operations.

Noland is a leader in digital video technology. He has designed and manufactured advanced special effects and graphics equipment used worldwide for producing HD television and media productions, including multi-camera ENG techniques adopted by most major news networks. Noland also played an instrumental role in pioneering independent public media outlets across America through founding ITVS; one of his greatest contributions being as founder.

Personal Life

David Noland was a strong proponent of personal development, striving to find meaning and purpose in his life. He graduated with honors from his small rural Louisiana high school, looking forward to attending college.

He struggled to identify his place in the world and eventually left home on an introspective spiritual quest.

Noland studied with Josef Albers and Ilya Bolotowsky and became an influential member of the Color Field movement. He explored geometric forms as vessels for vibrant hues within concentric rings, chevrons, horizontal stripes and plaidlike arrangements.

Net Worth

Noland was an American painter renowned for his highly influential works that feature abstract patterns and bold color compositions. He was an integral member of the Washington Color School movement which flourished during the 1960s and 70s in America.

David Noland reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of over $1.5 Million and owns 1,4997 Zimmer Biomet Inc stock units.

Over time, he has made several trades involving ZBH stock; the most significant was selling 25,255 units for over $3,302,596 in August 2016 for an additional gain.

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