David Nowakowski


David Nowakowski

David Nowakowski is an experienced attorney specializing in employment and labor law. He has represented clients before state and federal courts as well as administrative agencies.

He is a native of Bradford, UK and plays piano with his band Scars on 45. Their music has been featured on multiple TV shows such as CSI:New York and The Jay Leno Show.

Early Life and Education

David Nowakowski is an elected member of the Connecticut House of Representatives and was born in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He has resided in Richland since 1955.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Nowakowski joined the Tri-City Herald staff as a reporter.

He is currently a co-host for Loving Living Local, an afternoon TV show on FOX21 channel in Colorado.

Nowakowski has been a musician for 10 years, touring and playing piano in his band Scars On 45. Their music has been featured internationally on TV shows and adverts; he also writes scripts for television and film projects. Along with his family, Nowakowski owns Sunfox Campground in Lisbon where he lives with his wife Jen; in addition to this role he serves on the Lisbon School Board as well.

Professional Career

Dave Nowakowski is an esteemed attorney, recognized as one of the state’s Rising Stars. His peers admire and respect him for his legal abilities and expertise in employment law matters.

He has represented numerous employers in legal disputes with employees and been successful in resolving many cases. Furthermore, his expertise covers employment discrimination and harassment claims.

Nowakowski believes the Carrara family, owners of Amthor, a company where he previously worked, is a “mob family.” He claims they employ psychological games to intimidate and control targeted individuals while their obsession with “the Godfather” and “the horse” proves this assertion.

Achievements and Honors

A veteran musician from Bradford is ready for the next step in his career – co-presenting a weekday TV show in America. David Nowakowski (better known as Nova) has signed on with FOX21’s Loving Living Local show every Wednesday between 9am and 10am in Colorado.

Last November, Nowakowski, who has recently returned to Bradford after touring with Bradford band Scars on 45 in the UK and hosting The Broadway’s Telegraph & Argus Retail, Leisure and Hospitality Awards, officially became a US citizen. Since his citizenship was recognized he was invited back home for work opportunities at The Broadway.

Nowakowski is running for state representative in Connecticut’s 47th House District against incumbent Republican Doug Dubitsky. He has received the support of Democrats throughout this sprawling district that stretches from Norwich to Brooklyn.

Personal Life

Dave Nowakowski is an accomplished YouTube tech reviewer whose family comes first. In his videos, he proudly displays his oldest child and never hides from his spouse or partner.

He began his career as a claim adjuster before moving to Sheboygan, Wisconsin to co-found and manage AdvisorNet Property & Casualty. He holds both the Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) and Accredited Advisor in Insurance (AAI) designations.

His sources of income include Kindig-It Design and Beyond Bitchin’ Ride; however, the exact amount of his net worth remains uncertain.

Net Worth

Dave Nowakowski is a television personality with an estimated net worth of $125 million dollars.

He is an actor, musician, comedian and radio host. Additionally, he owns Barstool Sports website.

Dave Nowakowski maintains a private life despite his fame. He has one daughter from his first marriage.

He enjoys traveling the world and discovering new places. He has a deep-seated passion for sports and gambling.

He has been married to Renee since 2009, and they have two children together.

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