David NutGrass

David NutGrass

DAVID NUTGRASS is an attorney specializing in tax and estate planning from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky.

Kentucky State Police initially charged David with reckless homicide; however, later the charge was elevated by a grand jury to wanton murder.

Early Life and Education

He is an educator who believes traditional methods of teaching have failed and that educational practices must change to foster independence, mastery and respect for each child’s God-given talents. He advocates home schooling and independent learning programs while participating in various other projects aimed at creating change within education.

Author and educational specialist. He has contributed to countless books and articles about an array of educational issues. Furthermore, he served as an expert witness before both the Texas House and Senate Education subcommittees and has worked directly with many children impacted by Juvenile Justice systems.

Achievement and Honors

David Nutgrass has received many honors and awards during his lifetime, both for his achievements in business as well as for his involvement with his community. A graduate of University of Kentucky, David lives at 123 S Main St in Lawrenceburg with Kathy C Nutgrass whom he married a few months ago and retired banker working 50+ years for banks; currently associated with numerous businesses and estimated net worth estimated at over a Million Dollar. Over 20 years he has resided in Lawrenceburg while several relatives live nearby.

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