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David Olive Net Worth – Who is David Olive?

David Olive has been writing about business and current affairs for more than 32 years, his writing appearing in books, magazine features and newspapers alike. Additionally he has worked for 20 years on global business policy formation initiatives.

David found his year at CERN to be one of the highlights of his research career, with its emphasis on GNO monopoles and Gliozzi-Scherk-Olive projection. At home he and Jenny pursued their hobbies of skiing and music together in their free time.

Early Life and Education

David Olive was born 16 April 1937 and educated at Royal High School and Edinburgh University. Throughout his academic career, he made notable contributions to superstring theory, quantum gauge theories and mathematical physics.

He decided to divide his degree course over two years instead of three, so as to allow for courses in mathematics as well as natural philosophy (what was then called physics). There he met Daniele Amati, an Italian physicist recently recruited into CERN’s theory division.

Amati was known for stimulating lively research discussions and was generous in offering cars or rooms to colleagues who needed temporary accommodations. Additionally, he held graduate lectures addressing deep symmetries found within quantum field theory such as affine Toda theories.

Professional Career

After his PhD he joined CERN’s Theory Division staff, where he met Daniele Amati who encouraged and animated research discussions. Amati also generously loaned him his Bentley as an indication of his generosity and zest for mentoring younger physicists – something lacking among some other staff members.

As soon as he became involved in dual model research – then an emerging area – he established the group of young physicists working on it; these included Neil Turok with whom he co-wrote several papers (7,8) during this period.

Jenny and the children resided in Cambridge while David commuted daily and back on weekends into London via Kew Station – giving him easy access to Imperial.

Achievement and Honors

Olive was known for his collaboration, yet always sought to understand his topics from a fundamental viewpoint and simplify them as part of his work. This approach led him to pioneer two concepts now considered fundamental building blocks of string theory: Gliozzi-Scherk-Olive projection (GSO) and Montonen-Olive duality.

David spent one year at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh with Dick Cutkosky after leaving Imperial, which led to a series of graduate lectures on S-matrix theory that were later republished as a book (2).

At Swansea University, when he and Ian Halliday were hired to form a theoretical particle physics group under Dean Aubrey Truman’s guidance as mathematical physicists, Aubrey Truman encouraged him to accept this position given Toda theory work’s rich connections with mathematics.

Personal Life

David Olive was born and raised in Shepperton near Walton-on-Thames. His mother Lilian worked at the Bank of Belgium as a clerk before giving up that career to become a full-time housewife so her son had every possible chance for success in science.

While at Edinburgh University, Olive joined the Physical Society. Here he met fellow members such as Jim Mirrlees (FRS 1965), Ian Drummond and Tom Kibble (FRS 1980). They all shared an interest in theoretical physics.

Once Olive graduated from Edinburgh University he moved immediately to Cambridge for his PhD studies, receiving a research fellowship at Churchill College that provided both housing and a salary; taking up residence in C2 Chapel Court he quickly began discussions with John Polkinghorne regarding CERN work that wasn’t allowed under university regulations for students from outside to do extensive work at CERN.

Net Worth

David Olive reportedly has an estimated net worth between $1 and $2 Million earned through his primary career as a Physicist.

He specializes in advising high-net-worth individuals and families, closely held business owners and their families, not-for-profit entities and retirement plans on holistic financial planning strategies, income tax optimization techniques and asset allocation techniques. Additionally, he practices trust and estate planning as well as employee benefits including nonqualified deferred compensation, 401(k), profit sharing plans cafeteria plans as well as health and welfare benefit plans.

He prefers to keep his personal life private and hasn’t revealed any information regarding his current or past relationships, nor any details about any children that he may be fathering. He’s an avid music lover and enjoys playing guitar.

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