David Panzer

David Panzer

David Panzer is a World War II veteran and former tank commander who served with A Squadron, 8th Armoured Brigade in Germany.

On his return from WWII, he became the civilian director of Earth Space Defense. President Thomas Whitmore created this agency with his help, which is responsible for safeguarding humanity against alien attacks.

Early Life and Education

David Panzer was born in New York City and raised with his four older brothers. When their mother could no longer care for them, the children were placed into foster care.

He excelled academically and his teachers had a special place in their heart for him. Additionally, his athletic ability and competitive nature always shone through.

He achieved a great education and continued on to Nebraska Wesleyan University. He was an exemplary student and member of the National Forensic Fraternity. Additionally, he enjoyed performing in the theater.

Professional Career

David Panzer is a retired professional ice hockey player and currently works as an art director and graphic designer. Additionally, he owns his own company and collaborates with renowned brands like Tesla and Adidas.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations from the University of Toronto and has completed a leadership development course at Fort Lewis in Tacoma. Furthermore, he earned a master’s degree in global security from the University of Texas-Pan American through their Reserve Officers Training Corps program.

He is the husband of Jill Wagner, a renowned actress and TV host. They were married in April 2017 and have two children together; Army Gray Lemanowicz was born on April 17, 2020.

Achievement and Honors

David Panzer is an acclaimed personality who has achieved great success in his career. Additionally, he has received numerous accolades for his efforts.

He is a highly-respected individual who has acquired many friends and admirers throughout his life. He was always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

David has proudly served his country for more than four decades, earning him numerous awards and honors in recognition of his service to America.

After serving in the military, he chose to pursue a career in acting. He enjoyed sports and fishing, and was an avid supporter of the New York Yankees. Most importantly, he deeply loved his wife and family; furthermore, he was an ardent patriot who did his part to keep America’s flag flying high.

Personal Life

David is a television host and producer, having appeared on shows such as Roadkill, Hot Rod Garage, and Engine Masters.

He has an insatiable passion for cars and loves renovating them. In his free time he enjoys traveling, golfing, and kayaking.

In addition to hosting and producing various shows, he has earned a substantial income through advertisements, paid partnerships, and brand endorsements.

David has always kept his personal life private. He is married to Lorraine and they have a son named Jason.

Net Worth

David Panzer is an American car restorer and TV personality. He has appeared on various shows such as Roadkill and Hot Rod Garage.

He derives most of his income from his YouTube channel, which has a large fan base. Additionally, he sells merchandise and secures sponsorships.

In 2020, his net worth stood at $16 million.

His primary source of income comes largely from his YouTube videos, which generate a substantial amount of money through advertisements. Furthermore, his net worth includes personal savings, retirement accounts and investments.

He owns two homes: one in Michigan and the other in Los Angeles. Additionally, he is married to his wife and has three children.

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