David Peikon

David Peikon

David Peikon is a self-taught artist who has been painting for two decades. His paintings are renowned for their serene landscapes.

He left his career in the printing industry to pursue his lifelong ambition of becoming an artist. Since then, he has completed many prestigious portrait commissions and his paintings are featured in private and corporate collections around the world.

Early Life and Education

David Peikon was born in Poltava, Russia but tragically lost his hearing at five. His family moved to Winnipeg, Canada where he attended Manitoba School for the Deaf until age seventeen.

He then attended a linotype school in Chicago and, upon graduating, became a passionate advocate for the rights of deaf individuals. He served as president of both Ontario Association of the Deaf and Canadian Association of the Deaf, serving as one of their founders.

David was an active fundraiser for Gallaudet College, founding the Gallaudet College Alumni Association Centennial Fund Drive in 1960. This fund was used to construct an Alumni House and provide financial aid to deaf students. David was awarded two honorary degrees by Gallaudet – a Master of Arts in 1950 and Doctorate of Laws in 1957.

Professional Career

David Peikon began his career in commercial printing but ultimately found his calling as a painter. At 38 years old, he left corporate life and has been painting full time ever since. A predominantly self-taught artist, his paintings of tranquil Long Island landscapes have become iconic landmarks.

He is immensely proud of his many accomplishments, such as mastering left arm and hand techniques due to a rotator cuff injury. A true Long Islander, he loves taking long walks along the beach or taking the ferry ride to Brooklyn. In addition to his professional art practice, he also enjoys playing baseball and golf – but perhaps most impressively of all is his longevity as an accomplished and prolific artist.

Achievements and Honors

Peikon is renowned for his masterful paintings of landscapes, depicting scenes of serene solitude and reverence for nature. Now in his second decade as a painter, his artwork can be found in private and corporate collections around the world.

Self-taught, he has been working full time as a painter since 1996. He strives to continually learn new techniques and hone his craft so that his paintings captivate the hearts of those who view them.

Last year, his painting “Caumsett in August” was acquired by the Long Island Museum of Art for their permanent collection. Additionally, he has been invited to exhibit his artwork in Seattle, NYC and Palm Beach; additionally commissioned portraits of William Buckley, Howard Phipps and Mary Phipps have been painted as well as Noble Prize winners Elizabeth Blackburn and Jim Watson (discoverer of double helix DNA). Additionally, he donated his artwork to various charitable organizations.

Personal Life

David Peikon has been a professional artist for over two decades, creating serene landscapes inspired by masters such as Edward Hopper and Thomas Cole. His paintings can currently be found at Cavalier Galleries in Greenwich, Connecticut and Nantucket, Massachusetts.

At age 38, Peikon left his career as a Sales Executive in the printing industry to pursue painting full time. He is predominantly self-taught and specializes in painterly realist style paintings known for their scenic landscapes. Additionally, he is an accomplished portraitist who has painted many celebrities such as Nobel Prize winner Jim Watson (discoverer of double helix DNA). Furthermore, Peikon founded The Artist’s Foundation of Long Island which provides educational scholarships to young artists and their families.

Net Worth

Peikon’s net worth is primarily the result of his career as an American Contemporary Realist painter. He has lived on Long Island his entire life, which serves as the primary inspiration behind his artwork. He is self-taught and renowned for his serene landscape paintings that depict subjects ranging from New York City to the Eastern Shores of Maryland and the Hudson Valley. His works echo famous landscape painters such as Edward Hopper, Thomas Cole and John Singer Sargent in style and subject matter. His work can be seen at Cavalier Galleries in Greenwich, CT and is included in numerous private and corporate collections across America. Additionally, his artwork has been represented by The George Billis Gallery in NYC and Demato Gallery on Sag Harbor; he also had an exhibition at Heckscher Museum of Art New York and is a member of National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society.

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