David Schear

David Schear and Dick Wolf

Scheer has spent his career as a diplomat building companies and providing corporate strategic and transaction advisory services within the life sciences industry. He currently sits on various public and private biotechnology boards such as Achillion Pharmaceuticals and BiologicsMD.

His public service contributions included helping foreign partners build effective and accountable security forces, supporting war-to-peace transitions, combatting predatory violence in war-torn regions, aiding refugees fleeing conflict zones and aiding refugees escaping conflict zones. For his efforts, he received the Secretary of Defense Medal for Outstanding Public Service in 1999.

Early Life and Education

David Schear is an internationally acclaimed writer and expert in international security affairs. He earned his Ph.D. from London School of Economics’ Department of Political Science as well as his Master’s from Johns Hopkins’ School of Advanced International Studies.

He has published multiple books, articles and op-ed pieces on international security matters; as well as being featured as an expert contributor in The New York Times, Washington Post and other major media outlets.

He has appeared as a guest on several television programs, such as PBS NewsHour and NBC News. Additionally, he once hosted a weekly op-ed column in the Los Angeles Times and currently writes for Truthdig and Creators Syndicate. Furthermore, he frequently appears as a panelist in KCRW’s nationally syndicated radio program Left, Right & Center produced in Santa Monica.

Professional Career

Dave Schear, 60, was once President and CEO of a 600-employee truck parts and services company located across 30 locations with 600 employees. Although diagnosed with Parkinson’s 14 years ago, Schear continued his business while also enjoying life to the fullest; golfing, fishing and spending time with family.

David’s career spans communications, philanthropy, advocacy, and policy with an emphasis on guaranteeing access to health care for vulnerable populations. At Atlantic Philanthropies he helped craft and administer a $26 million grant for Health Care for America Now; an umbrella coalition campaigning for passage of the Affordable Care Act. Additionally he collaborated with organizations supported by Atlantic in Vietnam, South Africa and Ireland that used communications as part of their work – reinforcing them with communication techniques that advanced their goals.

Achievement and Honors

David Schear was renowned for his contributions to seismology. For these achievements he earned several accolades such as the AGU Keiiti Aki Young Seismologist Award, Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers as well as Seismological Society of America Charles H. Richter Early Career medal.

He earned the University of Nebraska’s Most Outstanding Graduate Student honor and won widespread praise for helping build their new theater facility, Theatre B. He was also an active churchgoer and longtime family friend; alongside his academic successes he found time for community service as well as spending precious moments with his children; all will miss him greatly.

Personal Life

David Schear was once an Air Force commander with an outstanding military career, earning numerous decorations including the Legion of Merit, Meritorious Service Medal and Bronze Star awards.

He was honored with the Distinguished Civilian Service Award. Additionally, he currently serves on the boards of three Genstar portfolio companies – Arrowhead Engineered Products, Clarience Technologies and Ohio Transmission Corporation.

He previously served as a Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Partnership Strategy and Stability Operations within the Department of Defense, where his team provided strategic and analytic support for U.S. efforts to help foreign partners build effective security forces, realign U.S. investments in stabilization missions post-Afghanistan, navigate war-to-peace transitions, prevent mass atrocities and offer lifesaving aid during natural disasters and complex emergencies.

Net Worth

David Schear has an estimated net worth of $48 Million. He serves as Senior Chairman and CEO of Prosperity Bancshares Inc, owns 795,651 shares of Prosperity Bancshares stock according to SEC filings, made no insider trades within 18 months in PB stock or sold any units valued at more than $11,000 181,566 from Restaurant Brands International Inc stock (QSR stock was sold on 4 January 2023 for $707 765), nor made any insider trades within 18 months within either company or stock holdings worth 1118 181,566 units worth 111,181,566 worth $10882 units of Restaurant Brands International Inc stock worth $111 181,566 which were sold on 4 January 2023 for $707 765

Dick Wolf is an award-winning producer and television show creator best known for creating the groundbreaking “Law & Order” franchise that spans nine current and former iterations, totaling 1,300 episodes aired across nine different versions. Thanks to this success story, Wolf amassed an estimated net worth of over $600 Million; making him one of the wealthiest producers alongside Chuck Lorre and James Burrows.

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