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David Scott Courtway, 55, of Conway, Arkansas, Passed Away Thursday Night

David Scott Courtway, age 55, tragically succumbed to injuries sustained after being hit by a car Thursday night on I-70 in Warren County. A resident of Union, he was struck and killed while walking.

Hendrix College swimming coach who helped pave the way for Arkansas college success in this sport earned a bachelor of arts degree in economics and business from Hendrix, a juris doctorate with honors from University of Arkansas School of Law, as well as an Master of Legal Theory from Georgetown University.

Early Life and Education

Courtway was raised in Wynne, Ontario where his parents provided him with an excellent education. His dad Bob was a professor of history at Hendrix College and Betty taught kindergarten at public school.

But Tom’s home life wasn’t always smooth sailing. As a high school senior, he got into an argument with a girl who came over for dinner; it turned into a physical altercation, leaving the situation in disarray.

At the other end of the dining room table, Tom’s father looked over and gave him a plan. He instructed his brothers to put Tom in the back seat of their car and drive straight up Interstate 40 towards Fayetteville.

Professional Career

David has always had an affinity for politics and public service. He has volunteered at numerous institutions such as Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Dublin Library and Museum. On top of this he’s served on city council where he sometimes gets worked up when his pet projects get in trouble. Recently his role as co-chair of Dublin city planning committee has been one of his proudest accomplishments; adding some sharp remarks to its repertoire along the way. It’s no wonder then why David has become one of its most popular elected officials: helping grow its business base while doing it properly.

Achievement and Honors

David Courtway was born in Wynne, Arkansas and went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree from Hendrix College followed by a Law Degree from the University of Arkansas. A passionate sports fanatic, he also enjoyed riding horses. Additionally he made a name for himself as a high school basketball coach, member of Conway City Council, founding member of Southern Arkansas High School Booster Club as well. David was an incredible dad as well as collecting trinkets, tidbits and baubles; someone you could count on for honesty when dealing with him! On top of being an excellent athlete, David courtway is also one of the kindest, funniest people you will ever encounter!

Personal Life

David Courtway, a Wynne native and lifelong Conway resident, graduated from Hendrix College in 1974 before earning his law degree from the University of Arkansas School of Law in 1986.

Two months after graduating his legal education, he was hired as a legislative aide to U.S. Senator Dale Bumpers – someone close to his heart since law school days.

After six years working for Bumpers, he felt ready to pursue law. In 1986, he left Arkansas and began his legal journey in Washington, D.C.

He began his legal career, but in 1995 he felt the urge to return to politics. After serving six years in the state house as an attorney, he was elected as a state representative representing HD 115.

Net Worth

David Courtway boasts a net worth of $40 million as an ex-baseball player and three-time MLB All-Star.

He is a World Series champion and two-time Silver Slugger, having played for both Atlanta Braves and Oakland Athletics.

His career has seen him earn an annual salary of $7 million.

He has a deep-seated passion for helping and motivating others, serving as both a coach and mentor.

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