David Siegel

David Siegel – Cedar Hill’s Best-Kept Secret

Director david sollish has over 10 years of professional theater experience. Currently he’s studying for his doctorate degree at Bowling Green State University while serving as associate attorney with Ronald A. Sollish & Associates located in Oakland County with offices both Bloomfield Hills and Detroit.

Achievement and Honors

David has made his mark on Cedar Hill as an active community member by leading efforts to cultivate its small-town feel. This can be seen through creating an inviting, neighborly environment at his restaurant as well as his service on various committees. Furthermore, David was instrumental in helping bring 14 new businesses and 265 jobs into Cedar Hill’s economic engine.

While unable to attend in person, he was still able to watch presentations via cell phone video connection. As a result, he was awarded with various accolades and awards, such as Mayor Rob Franke’s presentation of the Distinctive Character Lifetime Achievement Award on January 12 at City Council meeting – this particular award recognizes those who have made extraordinary contributions to our quality of life in our community and showcases those with particularly noteworthy efforts.

Personal Life

David was raised in Judah near Jerusalem as a God-fearing, earnest man who reverenced G-d and followed His wisdom when making decisions or taking action. He quickly won over King Saul who anointed him king after Saul died; living later in Ziklag he launched raids against Philistines; becoming beloved hero to all in Judah.

He is best remembered for killing Goliath and later moving the Ark of the Covenant from Shechem to Jerusalem, making it the capital of an united Israel. Additionally, David committed adultery with Bathsheba and orchestrated her husband’s murder; later had a son named Absalom who would die fighting alongside his brothers Amnon after Tamar had been raped by Amnon.

Net Worth

David Siegel is an influential American entrepreneur with an estimated net worth of $500 Million. For decades he has been active in real estate investment, real estate development, timeshare resort company founding Westgate Resorts (timeshare resort company) as well as being CEO of Central Florida Investments, Inc. and Central Florida Investments Resorts Management Inc (resort management companies). Furthermore he owns numerous real estate properties and businesses located within Florida in addition to Westgate Resorts work.

He has eleven biological children and two adopted children he shares his life with, in addition to eight grandchildren; including one who died of drug overdose. With his wife Jackie, he owns an expensive Florida home called “Versailles”, which was featured in a documentary film that documented him during the 2008 financial crisis.

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