David Smothers

David Smothers – Actor, Comedian, Producer and TV Host

David Smothers is an acclaimed actor and comedian, producer, and television host.

He is best-known for creating the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour series.

The Smothers Brothers were an influential comedy duo from 1967 to 1969 who stood up against censorship through their show, popular and instrumental in shaping television comedy.

Early Life and Education

The Smothers Brothers, the pioneering comedy duo who pioneered folk satirist comedy acts, began touring in the early 1960s. Their audiences and reviews proved enthusiastic; National Broadcasting Company television host Jack Paar was impressed enough with them to book them as guests for various variety shows on his network.

The 1960s saw intense polarization and debate surrounding freedom of speech, with Tom and Dick Smothers representing it along with other comedians who became known as “bold humorists”.

The Smothers Brothers’ controversial takes on politics and religion were considered too provocative for CBS to continue airing, so after three successful seasons they were dropped after their third successful season in 1967. A lawsuit won them back their position with CBS; they toured until 1990s.

Professional Career

David Smothers was an American professional wrestler. He competed on the independent circuit for organizations such as Heroes & Legends Wrestling (HLW), Zero-1 USA, Pure Wrestling Association (PWA) and IWA Mid-South.

Smothers first began his wrestling career as an enhancement talent with Continental Wrestling Association in 1985 and rose through their ranks quickly, winning two NWA Mid-America Heavyweight titles during his time there.

Smothers joined Championship Wrestling of Florida in 1987 and formed “The Wild Eyed Southern Boys”, teaming with Steve Armstrong against Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes of Fabulous Freebirds to defeat them and capture the NWA Florida Tag Team Titles.

Smothers then joined Jim Cornette’s Smoky Mountain Wrestling promotion, becoming one of the premier babyfaces. Throughout that year he won both the inaugural SMW Beat the Champ Television Championship and Tag Team Championship titles.

Achievement and Honors

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour was an influential American TV program with a big budget and impressive guest stars, widely considered one of the most groundbreaking television programs ever. Their unconventional approach to humor and commentary on Vietnam War gained them an enthusiastic following among young viewers while coming under fire from network censors.

Bianculli’s 2009 book Dangerously Funny: The Uncensored Story of the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour provides an account of this incredible duo’s triumphant campaign to win America over. A must read for any fan of American television or history. Additionally, in 2008 they were honored with a Congressional Gold Medal as acknowledged pioneers of political satire on television that continue their legacy today.

Personal Life

David Smothers is an esteemed comedian, actor and musician renowned for his comic antics as well as being an accomplished director.

Early in his career, he appeared on several television shows and as a stand-up comic; his acts are well known for bringing audiences to tears with laughter.

He is an enthusiastic member of the American Civil Liberties Union and was recognized with their Jack Green Civil Liberties Award.

The Smothers Brothers had an innovative, provocative comedic style which shocked network censors. Additionally, their political leaning was left-leaning and they would frequently address social issues relating to drug use on their show.

Net Worth

Dick Smothers currently boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $1 Million. This sum can largely be attributed to his earnings from both stand-up comedy performances and his role on Curb Your Enthusiasm television show.

He has also contributed his voice to various animated movies and television shows, further increasing his net worth immensely.

The Smothers Brothers began their professional careers as folk singers and comedians. However, their 1960s television show The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour quickly gained notoriety due to its controversial political content.

Harry Belafonte wrote and performed a calypso song during their third-season premiere that addressed violence at the Chicago Democratic National Convention of 1968; CBS banned this segment due to controversy, yet they continued their recording and concert careers without interruption.

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