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David Soles Net Worth – The Slovak Evangelist, Healing Minister and Author

David Soles is an international Christian leader known for his ministry as an evangelist, healing minister, author and travels extensively both domestically and abroad spreading the Gospel of Christ.

As an emerging Spiritual leader in Southern California, he is on a mission to share God’s saving and healing power with this generation. He runs an international healing ministry marked by its strong Holy Spirit presence.

Early Life and Education

Early on in his life, David Soles struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). This left him struggling with reading and writing skills.

David was able to overcome this difficulty and advance his education, beginning his teaching career in Madrid, Spain.

Later in his career, he served as principal at Emily Griffith High School in Denver, Colorado as well as director of Denver Public Schools’ Newcomer Program.

David enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and cycling for fun when not working. Additionally, he spends quality time with his family. David is a dedicated leader who helps others achieve incredible results in their lives.

Professional Career

David Soles is an accomplished educator who has made significant strides to advance education worldwide. His books and articles focus on improving educational standards as well as how people learn.

He has also worked as a consultant to the government on matters pertaining to university student welfare, helping develop Queen’s Prizes for Universities and Colleges as well as serving on multiple university committees.

Former rugby union player for Scotland, he became famous for his iconic walk onto the pitch during their Grand Slam decider against England in 1990. Today, he co-commentates on BBC Scotland’s coverage of rugby union matches.

Achievement and Honors

David soles has accomplished much throughout his life. He excels at athleticism, teaching and fatherhood – three things which come together seamlessly for him.

He is an incredible source of motivation to others, possessing powerful leadership and conversational abilities that enable him to motivate people toward extraordinary achievements in all areas of their lives.

David Soles is an award-winning author who has published multiple books. Additionally, he runs his own ministry called Miracle Encounter Services.

He has lived in Two Hills for more than 37 years and currently represents his community as a Legislative Assembly Member. Prior to that he worked in construction for many years gaining vast experience within that industry as well as certifications in plumbing, gasfitting and steamfitting.

Personal Life

David Soles is an online fitness enthusiast known for his YouTube channel and social media following. It is estimated that he earns approximately $275,000 every month through social media revenue alone.

Urban Offering. In addition, he has worked as both a writer and social activist.

He serves as a spiritual leader who equips people to experience the Holy Spirit’s power through miracles, miracle healings, and travels around the globe – his TV show (Encounter TV) can be found in millions of households around the globe.

David Chabert is married to Lacey Chabert, an actress known for appearing in over 18 Hallmark movies. They share two children together – one son and one daughter.

Net Worth

David Soles has an estimated net worth of over $10 Million earned through his vlogs and YouTube videos.

David is an established YouTuber who has amassed over 13 million subscribers to his self-titled channel and over 650,000 on Second Class (collaborative channel with friends).

Beginning his career by posting viral pranks to Vine in 2013, then moving onto comedy vlogs on YouTube, his success quickly skyrocketed.

Born in Kosice, Slovakia and arriving to the US with his family in early 2000s. Toby studies at school and enjoys playing soccer.

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