David Sommerfeld

David Sommerfeld, MD, is a Board Certified Internist in Naples, Florida

David Sommerfeld, MD is a board-certified internist practicing in Naples who provides primary care as well as treating conditions related to the skin, heart, lungs, kidneys and joints.

He specializes in diagnosing and treating diabetes, hypertension and lipid management as well as preventative health maintenance and wellness services since 2005.

Early Life and Education

David Sommerfield received an outstanding education during his early years at Konigsberg school. Later, he continued his studies at Albertina University and earned his doctorate. Subsequent to graduation, Sommerfield went on to work for Felix Klein (an esteemed mathematician), becoming his assistant and eventually writing his dissertation to become a Privatdozent (an unpaid recognized teacher).

Sommerfeld taught physics, mathematics, and the theory of relativity at the University of Munich for 32 years; his contributions to special relativity helped to bring it wide acceptance; additionally he pioneered X-ray waves theory and developed it further. Sommerfeld is recognized as being one of the pioneers of quantum and atomic physics as well as having played an essential part in founding the Association for Theoretical Physics.

Professional Career

David Sommerfield is an attorney working out of Butzel Law Firm’s Troy office. His legal credentials include an undergraduate degree from University of Detroit and law degree from Detroit College of Law – two highly acclaimed institutions – along with extensive real-world experience representing clients on their most significant matters. David stands out in that his services come at an affordable price point while still providing outstanding levels of service; thanks to his adept negotiation abilities he’s established long-lasting client relationships as one of the finest professionals in his field.

Achievement and Honors

David Sommerfield distinguished himself throughout his time at Dartmouth by excelling academically, leading by example and unselfishly serving his classmates. He held the challenging post of class treasurer.

As a student, Sommerfeld took full advantage of Dartmouth’s many opportunities for international studies abroad – particularly Peru – including his Spanish studies which he considers one of his proudest accomplishments while attending Dartmouth.

Sommerfeld was an essential figure in the development of Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity, providing key contributions in hydrogen-like atom physics and developing the fine-structure constant, now used as a standard measure of electromagnetic waves’ energy and force. Between 1917 and 1951 he earned 84 nominations for the Nobel Prize in Physics.

Personal Life

David sommerfield was an accomplished individual, being a proud father of three, an enthusiastic gardener, Pittsburgh Steelers and Pirates fan, avid reader and self-professed craft beer connoisseur with an affinity for craft beers.

He currently practices internal medicine at NCH Baker Hospital in Naples, Florida and his practice specializes in kidney care (including dialysis and nephrology) as well as kidney-related issues like dialysis. Additionally, his interests include an expanding family photography business; beard grooming skills (he’s quite adept) – all while having plenty of free time! A proud dad, husband and son who has earned a stellar reputation for quality service, honesty and genuineness!

Net Worth

David sommerfield is an attorney, real estate developer, and entrepreneur with a net worth of $1 Million. He founded Blue Ridge Companies and specializes in land assemblage and development as a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) designate. Among the projects he’s overseen are Piedmont Centre in High Point NC as well as Summerfield Farms which he shares with his wife; all while sharing an affinity for hunting, cattle ranches, the outdoors, hunting and ranching!

Arnold Sommerfeld was a distinguished German physicist known for pioneering X-ray wave theory and creating azimuthal and spin quantum numbers to describe an atom’s individual quantum state. For this achievement he received the Max-Planck Medal and married Johanna Hopfner with whom they had four children together.

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