David Tomczak

David Tomczak

David Paul Tomczak is a renowned sports personality. His current address is 10632 East Lucas Trls, Inverness, FL 34450.

He is a former NFL player and champion of the Arena football League, of Polish descent. Additionally, he’s married and has children. With an impressive net worth, it is no wonder why.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Tomczak has had a diverse range of jobs, but sports announcer and commentator were among his favorites. He was also director at SMG Sports Management before becoming product solutions consultant at Aon, an international professional services firm. While working towards his PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Tomczak has researched the impact of electronic performance monitoring on employee behaviors as well as personal environment fit, occupational health & well being, and corporate social responsibility.

David Tomczak’s most illustrious accomplishment was his tenure as General Manager of the legendary Pittsburgh Steelers from 2006-2012, during which he earned himself the coveted quarterback of the year award in 2008. Following retirement, he relocated to Aon and continues his consulting practice today, providing advice on optimizing human capital for clients.

Achievements and Honors

Tomczak made a name for himself as an NFL quarterback, representing the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers from 1985 to 1999.

In 1988, Tomczak set an NFL record with 10 consecutive starts as a starting quarterback. Additionally, he led the Chicago Bears to victory in the NFC championship game that cemented their place as one of football’s elite squads.

Tomczak earned a degree in Psychology from Mercyhurst College and then went on to receive his Master’s in General Experimental Psychology from the State University of New York, College of Geneseo. Since 1987 he has been teaching courses on General, Abnormal and Social Psychology at GCC; additionally he spearheaded their distance learning initiative by first teaching “telecourses” before moving onto online sections of psychology.

Personal Life

David Tomczak is a retired professional football player. He played quarterback for several NFL teams from 1985 to 1999, beginning his career with 15 starts for the Pittsburgh Steelers and two playoff games.

He is married to Deborah Tomczak and together they have two children and a son-in-law.

They currently reside in Viera, Florida where he works as a director for SMG Sports Management. When not at work, he enjoys playing golf and traveling around the world.

He works as a sports announcer and has guest starred on the sitcom Yes, Dear. Of Polish descent, his net worth stands at $4 million dollars.

Net Worth

Tomczak is a retired professional football player. He played quarterback for several NFL teams from 1985 to 1999, including the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers.

He served as offensive coordinator for the Pittsburgh Power of the Arena football League from 2014 until their closure.

A lawsuit filed by Carla Coe, known only by her pseudonym, alleges that Tomczak had been abusing her for two decades with plastic and wooden sticks to beat her bare backside. Additionally, she claims he sent photos of syringes to friends and family members.

Tomczak was once a leader of the Sovereign Grace Movement, an evangelical church headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky. However, he left this group due to disagreements with its co-founder Rev. Charles Joseph “C.J.” Mahaney.

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