David Wampach

David Wampach

David Wampach has extensive international experience working as a choreographer/maker alongside various choreographers/makers. Additionally, he is regularly called upon as dramaturge/mentor and taught in numerous educational programs (examples include ERCERCE, EMFOCO, SNDO; danceWEB scholarship program etc).

His artistic focus lies in exploring parameters that place public events between fixed contexts. He has collaborated on projects with institutions such as Het Veem Theatre in Amsterdam, Tanzfabrik Berlin, ImPulsTanz Vienna and CDC Uzes Danse.

Early Life and Education

Once trained as a doctor, David Wampach transitioned into live performances when he began collaborating with various dance groups. His fascination with theater led him to study at P.A.R.T.S school in Brussels with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker as well as at National Choreographic Center of Montpellier.

Once he founded Association Achles in 2003, he co-created his debut duet D ES R A with Pierre Mourles and later composed solo pieces CIRCONSCRIT (2004), BASCULE (2005) and QUATORZE (2007) as well as writing the hypnotic trio AUTO (2008) and the themblematic ballet movement BATTEMENT (2009).

In 2011, he transformed two classic ballets, the Nutcracker and Le Sacre du Printemps, into two contemporary works known as CASSETTE and SACRE respectively. Additionally, his explorations into rituals and trance resulted in RITE: short film. TOUR: solo piece provides visual and sonorous portraiture of performers on tour. Additionally he has collaborated with directors, writers, gypsy groups as well as been invited by Saison Foundation Tokyo as Visiting Fellow 2016.

Professional Career

David Wampach’s work is informed by theater and visual art, creating work with personal significance while maintaining long-term artistic collaborations. Since 2004, he has been part of Achles Association where he helped co-create D ES R A (2003-04), CIRCONSCRIT (2004), BASCULLE (2005), QUATORZE (2007) AUTO (2008) and BATTERIE (2008 & 2009).

He continues to explore his personal and artistic approach as a videomaker, editing 52-minute films for various production companies and co-directing with Valerie Gabail the award-winning short SACRES which has won accolades at numerous international festivals.

He has performed with various dance companies (Christian von Howard, Keith Thompson | DanceTactics Performance Group, Jill Sigman | Thinkdance and Paloma McGregor), as well as Gardens- an intergenerational dance organization founded by Liz Lerman- where he created work, led engagement activities (such as Queer History Walks) and fostered growth of how people connect to Dance Exchange through local programming.

Achievement and Honors

David Wampach is a powerhouse in the dance world. A self-taught choreographer and dancer himself, David also enjoys teaching kinesthetically minded students the finer arts of movement and improvisation. Recent endeavors of his have taken him across the world – from El Paso to Paris and beyond. At his artistic endeavours he collaborates with some of the top designers and visual artists such as Tamar Shelef, Aina Alegre, Rachel Garcia, Pierre Mourles and Dalila Khatir – among many others. David Wampach has earned numerous prestigious awards and recognition for his body of work, culminating in an appointment as resident choreographer at New York City’s Grand Central Academy of Dance. David’s passion and experience shine both inside the classroom as well as onstage – david is sure to remain an indispensable presence!

Personal Life

David Wampach hails from France and received his medical degree at Montpellier’s faculty of Medicine. Since a young age he has had an interest in live performances of all kinds ranging from theatre to dance performances.

His artistic creations began within the Achles association in 2004, and since then have adopted elements from theater, plastic art and his own personal vision to form pieces such as DESRA (2003), CIRCONSCRIT (2004), BASCULE (2005) QUATORZE (2007) AUTO (2008) BATTERIE (2008) SACRE (2011) and URGE (2014).

He is currently an associate artist of Cratere, Scene Nationale d’Ales and La Maison CDCN Uzes Gard Occitanie with support from Reseau en Scene and Institut Francais; furthermore he was invited by Saison Foundation Tokyo.

Net Worth

David Wampach is an estimated $10 Million French dancer and choreographer. With an initial background in medicine, but becoming interested in live performance art such as theatre before transitioning into dance. He completed his education at Montpellier Faculty and performed with both Coline a Istres company and Ex.e.r.ce formation of National Choreographic Center under Mathilde Monnier’s guidance. He studied with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker at P.A.R.T.S and participated in Laurence Louppe’s choreographic culture training program, winning him laurels from Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto where he spent six months. His works have been shown internationally and his pieces can be found in permanent collections like that of France’s National Gallery.

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