David Warrick

David Warrick Joins Overhaul as Executive Vice President, Enterprise Division

David Warrick has extensive experience overseeing highly complex, dynamic supply chains. As Executive Vice President for Enterprise Division at Overhaul he brings this knowledge and his leadership.

Dionne Warwick was originally named Marie Dionne at birth on September 2, 1947 in Boston, Massachusetts USA to Charles Edward Warrick (born Overman) and Pauline Warrick (nee Overman). Overtime she adopted the moniker Dionne.

Early Life and Education

Dionne Warrick was born in East Orange, New Jersey to parents who both held musical careers: her mother ran a well-known gospel choir called the Drinkard Singers while her father was an album promoter.

She first gained prominence with her debut single “Don’t Make Me Over,” which rose to the top of the charts. Soon thereafter, she teamed with Burt Bacharach to co-write another hit tune “Anyone Who Had a Heart”, becoming her first Top 10 R&B hit song.

Her career wasn’t without obstacles, however. In 1967 she married Bill Elliott; their marriage ended in divorce two years later in 1975. Alongside her singing achievements she also excelled as an accomplished writer and photographer with over 400 photos collected – often contributing to The Times of London, Daily Telegraph and other publications.

Professional Career

Warrick earned over 3,500 yards and 32 touchdowns while at Florida State and was selected by Cincinnati Bengals in 2000 NFL Draft. While making an immediate impactful contribution to their offense during his first year with them, however, his performance ultimately couldn’t prevent an 8-8 finish and missed postseason appearance.

In his second season with the Bengals, he set new career highs in receptions (79), receiving yards (819), and touchdowns (7). One of his memorable plays was returning a punt 68 yards for a touchdown; but due to a knee injury this NFL career came to an end early.

Achievement and Honors

David Warrick is an award-winning educator, consultant, and author who specializes in coaching leaders to develop high performance teams and organizations while overseeing organizational development processes such as change management. He has over 90 articles published as book chapters or professional papers as a result of his research efforts.

At the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, he teaches Leadership and Organization Change and has won multiple awards including the Chancellor’s Award – which is the university’s highest annual accolade – and many teaching awards.

He earned two All-American selections and was honored as the 2003 NCAA Division II Commissioner’s Association Regional Scholar Athlete of the Year. Additionally, he was named to Gulf South Conference All-Decade Team membership. Moreover, his legacy in UWF men’s golf history is unmatched.

Personal Life

Warrick keeps busy; recently she completed an international tour with Bacharach, performed with the National Opera Company of Japan and recorded Aquarela Do Brazil (Watercolors Of Brazil).

David and Damon Elliot, her sons, are also making music their focus; both have written or produced numerous hit tracks.

She is married to Bill Elliott and lives in Hollywood, California. In addition to being active with various civic and charitable organizations, they enjoy spending time together with family and friends.

Net Worth

Warrick is an American singer-actress-presenter-producer best known for her deep, soulful voice and as former Goodwill Ambassador of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Her estimated net worth as of January 2023 is an estimated of $500 thousand.

Former United States ambassador to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization.

She was born December 12th 1940, in Orange, New Jersey to Mancel Warrick and Lee Drinkard; her mother managed the famous gospel singing quartet known as Drinkard Sisters while her father worked as a chef, railroad porter, and CPA.

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