David Wasp

David Wasp

Scientists believe this creature, discovered preserved in fossilized tree resin that dates back millions of years, to be named the Stardust wasp after Ziggy Stardust from David Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust as well as being “an ancient source of the atoms that compose our planet and its inhabitants.”

The fossilised wasp bears some striking resemblances to modern species in its genus, including shorter antennal segments and differing numbers of teeth on its mandible. This discovery highlights the value of contextualising fossils with living species for optimal learning experiences.

Early Life and Education

David wasp was blessed with a happy upbringing. At an early age, his family relocated from Kentucky to California where both parents worked as engineers at Norton Air Force Base near San Bernardino.

As David was growing up, his passion for books began to flourish. He collected rare editions by poets such as Sassoon, Graves and Owen; eventually expanding his collection with Rudyard Kipling works.

At university, he studied Modern History under Norman Stone of Cambridge. Even with Selwyn College being small in size, he managed to achieve an outstanding First Class degree.

Professional Career

David Wasp has long been known as an expert at many trades. Notable positions he has held include commanding the Naval Supply Systems Command Business Systems Center in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania; captaining Pennsylvania’s finest ship; leading an untrained yet undeniably competent marine squadron; dabbling in customer service while adhering to rules of engagement – just to name a few!

Achievement and Honors

Scientists recently unveiled a wasp that has been officially named in honor of legendary rockstar David Bowie. Dubbed Archaeoteleia astropulvis, its Latin name refers to Ziggy Stardust from Bowie’s alter ego character.

Celebrities often become immortalized through animals, but this is the first instance for late music legend, Prince. Other well-known names who have had something named for them such as David Attenborough (Prethopalpus attenboroughi, the goblin spider), Beyonce (Scaptia beyonceae horsefly) and Hugh Hefner (Sylvilagus palustris hefneri, rabbit).

Personal Life

David Dastmalchian may be an accomplished actor, but family is of greater significance to him than acting. The Ant-Man and Wasp star has found happiness with Eve who serves as director of a social services organization in Kansas.

Dastmalchian recently disclosed in an interview with Vulture that two projects are forthcoming for him: first is Sam Taylor-Johnson’s film adaptation of James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces novella which will be directed by Dastmalchian; and the other involves creating the musical adaptation.

Quantumania was Dastmalchian’s favorite character to play. Playing Veb, one of Kang’s resistance fighters in the Quantum Realm, provided him with some exciting opportunities to create memorable scenes through improvisation that may otherwise not have existed.

Net Worth

David Bowie was one of the most influential musicians of the last century. He co-founded bands such as Byrds and Crosby Stills & Nash before his untimely passing at age 81 in 2023.

There are various ways of remembering those we’ve lost. Some methods include memorializing them through song or film/media tribute, or even naming a species after them. Scientists recently identified an Archaeoteleia wasp named after David Bowie which has been trapped in fossilized tree resin and given the nickname Stardust Wasp – it marks the first time such an insect has ever been named after a musician!

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