Dayanara Torres New Boyfriend

Dayanara Torres and Her New Boyfriend

After a couple of relationships, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres was dating a new man. On Instagram, she posted a photo with her new love. She also posted a picture of herself holding hands with her man on a private plane. Her fans were elated to see such a happy pair of lovebirds.

Dayanara and Marc Anthony met through friends while they were attending a nightclub. They dated for a few years. The two eventually married. However, their marriage ended in 2004. During the time they were together, they had two children. Although they are no longer together, Dayanara remains a close friend of Marc’s.

Before meeting Marc, Dayanara dated Aga Muhlach for five years. She also met Osvaldo Rios, an actor from Puerto Rico, and Terrence Howard. She also had encounters with Amaury Nolasco, a film star who has appeared in the movies “Prison Break” and “Adrift.”

When she was 17 years old, she won the Puerto Rican version of the Miss Universe pageant. Her success in the pageant paved the way for her to launch a career as an actress. Later, she launched her singing career. As a result of her success in the industry, she was crowned the universe’s most beautiful woman.

In addition to her singing and acting career, Dayanara is also a filmmaker. She helmed the film “Dayanara Torres: Beautiful Girl” and has been involved in a number of projects. Today, she is a film producer for Marvel films.

During the last couple of months, a photo of Dayanara and her new boyfriend has been spreading through the Internet. Her fans were surprised to learn that the two were in a relationship. Though she didn’t reveal the identity of the man in the photo, she wrote a pinost message to him on Instagram. Unlike other celebrities, she hasn’t closed her door to Cupid. This is due to her being happy with her new love.

In September of last year, a production team member on the “Heat Awards” accidentally revealed that Dayanara was dating a man. After the incident, she apologized and mentioned the name of her new boyfriend’s producer. While he was not named, the name sounded familiar to Dayanara’s fans.

It appears that Dayanara is a very good person. Even though she had a hard breakup in the past, she has remained strong and positive. She credits her kids for helping her move forward. To date, she has a lot of fans in the Philippines. Several fans have asked her to come back to the country to sing.

If she returns to the Philippines, she hopes to find happiness. She also hopes that her ex-fiance, Louis D’Esposito, is happy with her. Despite her past difficulties, she hasn’t given up on finding the perfect partner. With a million and a half followers on Instagram, she isn’t going to lose hope in finding the man of her dreams.

Currently, she has a phone application that can help her find new men. However, she prefers to stay away from the spotlight.

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