DDG Boxing

DDG, commonly known by his nickname of DJ Duff Gong (DDG), is an American YouTuber, rapper, actor and boxer best known for his reaction videos and vlogs covering his romance with Halle Bailey from Chloe X Halle band.

He studied broadcasting at Central Michigan University before dropping out to focus on YouTube channels. Now known as an accomplished rapper with features from artists like Gunna and Blueface.

Early Life and Education

Rapper DDG (real name Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr) hails from Pontiac, Michigan and attended International Tech Academy where he graduated as class valedictorian before enrolling at Central Michigan University before dropping out to focus on his musical career.

DDG is best-known for his single “I’m Geekin,” along with collaborations with major rappers such as Gunna and Blueface. His mixtape “Die 4 Respect” reached number 61 on the Billboard 200 chart while “Moonwalking in Calabasas” earned an RIAA Gold certification.

Last year, he took part in a celebrity boxing event hosted by LivexLive: Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms and defeated TikTok star Nate Wyatt at LivexLive’s Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms. However, he only took the fight lightly, hinting that he might retire from boxing unless another rapper could face him head-on in another battle of boxing.

Professional Career

DDG is an acclaimed rapper who has established an impressive online presence with his music and social media content, amassing millions of subscribers on YouTube and becoming an iconic figure among youth culture.

Last year, he made headlines after defeating TikTok star Nate Wyatt in a celebrity boxing event. Many lauded his skills while some criticised his bravado.

DDG recently made headlines when he announced a boxing match against PnB Rock this July in Los Angeles. DDG shared the flyer for this event on Instagram and both parties have personal grudges that will be settled within the ring – while DDG holds one victory already under his belt while PnB remains winless.

Achievement and Honors

DDG first made waves online with his hit song “Big Boat.” This track explored many controversial subjects such as screenshotting messages.

Last June, DDG took on TikTok star Nate Wyatt in a celebrity boxing match as part of LivexLive’s Social Gloves: Battle of the Platforms event and eventually came out victorious. DDG admitted during his post-fight interview that he barely took it seriously but took pride in winning nonetheless.

He advised rappers to settle their disagreements through boxing instead of gun violence, and voiced his dissatisfaction at derogatory comments directed towards women, in response to recent gun-related deaths among famous hip-hop celebrities. Later that month he released the mixtape ‘SoundCloud Daze’.

Personal Life

DDG began his content creation journey through YouTube vlogs and reaction videos in 2015. Since then, his music career has progressed into something more serious; initially releasing diss songs for fun but ultimately garnering major views for his rap music including being awarded with an RIAA-certified Platinum single “Moonwalking in Calabasas.”

DDG’s music career has made him a social media darling, but he also wants to have an impactful real-world impact. He currently dates Chloe x Halle star Halle Bailey and they have professed their love on social media.

They first made headlines for romance rumors in January 2022 when they attended Usher’s Las Vegas residency together and later confirmed it through DDG posting an Instagram birthday tribute that has since been deleted to his girlfriend, Diana Dagger Garvey (DDG). Since then they’ve made appearances together at red carpet events like Usher concerts as well as making their official debut as an item at the 2023 BET Awards.

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