Dead Body Found In Kansas City Today

Dead Body Found in Kansas City Today

The Kansas City police department confirmed today that the body found in Kansas City today was not suicide but homicide. The Kansas City Police Department is investigating the incident. In a wooded area, a male and female dead were found. Both victims showed signs of trauma. Eugene Shaw, 50, was identified as the victim, while Marcia Boring (52), was the victim. Detectives are currently investigating the cause of death. They are also canvassing the area for any clues.

You can file a claim if you find a Kansas dead body. Contact the Kansas coroner’s office. The law requires that the coroner either bury or cremate the deceased. The body must be buried within 96 hours, but there may be a few exceptions. Unclaimed bodies can be claimed by family members and requested that the remains are interred. If the body is not identified, the county will notify the family as well as the coroner.

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