Debbie Adams

Debbie Adams – An Acclaimed Designer With Over 20 Years of Experience

Debbie Adams has over two decades of experience working as a graphic designer in Toronto-based Adams + Associates which she co-founded in 1988.

She has experience working with clients across numerous industries such as oil and gas, banking, transportation, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, entertainment and education. She is an active member of both the Society for Environmental Graphic Design and Registered Graphic Designers of Canada.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood education is essential to shaping children’s future learning capacity, behaviors and health. Early education focuses on developing children from birth through age eight – an opportunity that UNESCO considers one of the greatest investments any nation can make in its children’s future.

Goal 4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals requires countries to provide quality early childhood education and care, to ensure all children can access quality early care and education before entering primary school. Targets include providing all children access to quality early childhood care and education that prepares them for primary school life.

Professional Career

Deborah Adams, BSN ’84 has dedicated her nursing skills to serving those in need throughout her career. From working with children in hospitals to helping injured people recover after car accidents – Deborah has used them all!

Her love of her profession led to an equally fulfilling career at Chattanooga State Community College, where she has served since 2006 as vice president for student affairs and workforce development. On February 1, the college President Flora Tydings will assume her new post as chancellor of the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR). Since 2006 she has also held interim presidency of Chattanooga State Community College as vice president for student affairs and workforce development – since that date, Flora Tydings was named interim president by Flora Tydings herself upon Tydings’ departure as president when Tydings assumes her new post as chancellor of TBR on February 1.

Debbie is an accomplished graphic designer specializing in branding and communications design. She serves as principal and creative director at Adams + Associates Design Consultants, an organization she co-founded with three others in 1988.

Achievement and Honors

Debbie Adams is an accomplished designer with a distinguished career. Graduating from Ontario College of Art & Design in 1983, Debbie has since held principal and creative director roles within her own firm since 1988.

She is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors and serves as director on five other companies’ boards. Additionally, she holds certification in naturalist studies and promotes environmental sustainability.

One of her greatest achievements was traveling to France to compete in Le Lion d’Angers, one of Europe’s premier horse events. Additionally, she co-founded the Southern Literary Coalition and published multiple popular novels such as All the Hungry Mothers and The Last of Femmes Fatales.

Personal Life

Debbie Adams was a strong woman who dedicated herself tirelessly to both her family and church community. She dedicated herself to serving her loved ones as well as those she served at her church kitchen.

She put her culinary talent to good use at church over many years. She served delicious gumbo, mac and cheese and other dishes which delighted all who dined at her table.

She was an extraordinary mother, taking on all the duties necessary for raising five children and four grandchildren despite experiencing many setbacks along the way. Her memory will live on through friends, relatives and her church family alike.

Net Worth

Debra serves as Adams Wealth Advisors’ Director of First Impressions, always greeting clients with a warm greeting and smile. Her primary objective is ensuring every experience with Adams Wealth Advisors is enjoyable and pleasurable for every one of their clients.

She also enjoys traveling, which led her to explore parts of Asia and Europe. Furthermore, she holds multiple certifications: naturalist (certified naturalist ), environmental sustainability proponent, and founding member of Southern Literary Coalition.

As an Independent Director at Gulfport Energy Corp (GPORQ), she currently owns 10,000 shares. Since 2020, according to Form 4 filings with the SEC, she has made one or more trades worth $36,900 of this stock; more details regarding this transaction can be seen in our Insider Trading Tracker table.

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