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Dental Adame – Dentists (Private Practice)

Dental Adame is an highly acclaimed dentistry practitioner based out of San Bernardino, CA who accepts various insurance providers and boasts a 5-out-of-5 rating from his patients on Healthgrades.

Dr. Adame places great value in his patients’ overall well-being, beyond dental health alone. He encourages his patients to maintain a nutritious diet and engage in physical activity three or more times each week.

Early Life and Education

Dental Adame in Tecate is an established Dentists (private practice). Their customer reviews rank them highly and make this business one of the top choices in Tecate and surrounding regions.

Dr. Adame is a member of the Rio Grande Valley Dental Society, American Dental Association and Academy of General Dentistry as well as being certified with the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine as a Diplomate.

He was previously an instructor for the AADSM Mastery course, lecturing on it to numerous societies and organizations. Dr. Lal is passionate about improving overall patient wellness beyond oral care, advocating eating healthily and exercising 3-4 times weekly as part of total wellbeing. A good night’s rest is also key to optimal physical and mental wellbeing.

Professional Career

Dental Adame offers patients the expertise they need to take control of their own oral health. He recommends brushing and flossing daily, visiting the dentist every six months for regular check-ups and scheduling regular exams to detect potential issues early. He also encourages them to eat healthily, exercise regularly and get sufficient restful sleep.

Dental Adame excels at networking, which is essential to building his business and reputation. He knows who to connect with and can negotiate effectively; in addition, his high regard for professionalism and integrity allows him to learn from mistakes as he makes them.

Dental Adame of Tecate offers comprehensive dental services for patients of all ages. His staff accepts most insurance plans and are committed to delivering excellent dental care using cutting edge technologies with an holistic approach.

Personal Life

Dental Adame is an accomplished practitioner of dentistry who specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases of the oral cavity, including those affecting teeth and gums. In addition, he advises his patients on proper dental care – brushing regularly, flossing frequently and using mouthwash; eating a nutritious diet and exercising at least three times each week as well as getting enough rest at night are all key to good health; practicing at Adame & Adame DDS accepts multiple insurance plans (for details visit Sharecare’s insurance checker). To view details on any one visit Sharecare’s insurance checker tool!

Net Worth

Dentists deserve wealth more than most other professions; yet many struggle to generate sufficient revenues to achieve status and wealth. As described by The Millionaire Next Door, dentists may possess high incomes but no net worth to match up with flamboyant lifestyles they might lead.

Adame’s practice primarily serves patients in Edinburg, Texas; however, on Fridays at Pulmonary and Sleep Center of the Valley in McAllen he sees dental sleep medicine patients for dental sleep medicine treatments. His team includes highly-qualified assistants, receptionists and hygienists that offer exceptional patient care. Adame serves on the teaching faculty for AADSM’s Mastery course while both him and his wife compete regularly in triathlons together.

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