Desiree Coleman Net Worth

Desiree Coleman is an exceptionally gifted singer who has made a name for herself in the music industry with her emotive and authentic songs. In addition, she serves as an advocate for diversity equity inclusion leadership by prioritizing health and wellness initiatives.

Further, she participated in the Off-Broadway musical Mama I Want to Sing.

Early Life and Education

As a child, she appeared in several commercials before joining Soul Searchers of New York City community choir at age fourteen. Her musical influences include Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Shania Twain.

Coleman’s talent and hard work paid off when she began recording professionally in 2021. Her music can be described as an eclectic blend of country, pop, R&B with emotional depth and authenticity as its trademark features.

Singer Janice Jackson is a mother to two. She married Mark Jackson, former NBA point guard and current New York Knicks coach. They tied the knot at Allen African Methodist Episcopal Church in Jamaica, Queens in July 1990 during a ceremony officiated by Floyd H. Flake, Democratic Representative from Queens in Congress.

Professional Career

Coleman is best known for her music career. Additionally, she founded the Love Culture Center in Los Angeles and has appeared in various movies and television shows as an actor (Chloe Kane for example).

She is also an esteemed gospel singer and has performed at Macy’s Parade as part of the Doodlebug float. Additionally, she collaborated with WWE to feature their entrance music.

Coleman is currently focused on her musical career and working on new songs. Her music stands out among its genre peers due to its emotional depth and authenticity; something which sets Coleman apart. Coleman also encourages aspiring musicians not to give up their dreams but instead keep working hard towards fulfilling them; in addition she serves as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) executive while being both wife and mother.

Achievement and Honors

Coleman has been making waves in the music industry for over 27 years. Starting her singing career at an early age and performing in school choirs and talent shows, her passion for art grew quickly as did her song writing skills.

She has achieved great success in the music industry due to her hard work and devotion towards her craft. Her music draws upon personal experiences from her life to produce something distinctively personal and authentic.

Coleman has been married to Mark Jackson since 1990, and they share four children. Although the marriage has experienced its share of challenges over time, they remain close as ever and co-parent their kids effectively.

Personal Life

Coleman is also an engaged diversity, equity and inclusion leader at a Fortune 50 company; in her free time she enjoys spending quality time with family and friends.

Mark Jackson, an NBA announcer and former Golden State Warriors coach, and she have been married since 1990; together they have four children including Heavyn and Micah Jackson.

Coleman is part of the 10% owner group at Goosehead Insurance Inc, with an estimated market cap of more than $0. She is an active investor who has made considerable returns over time through stocks and mutual funds investments. Over time she has seen significant returns in her portfolio.

Net Worth

At present, her net worth is estimated to be an estimated $1.5 Million. She is working on her second album and planning for future performances.

She stands out among artists in her genre with songs filled with emotion and authenticity, distinguishing her as unique. Additionally, her powerful vocals have garnered her praise.

Since 2019, she has conducted over 28 trades of Goosehead Insurance Inc stock. On 1 July 2023 she sold 23,907 units valued at $1,033,158.

Coleman is an enthusiastic supporter of women’s equality in the workplace, using her platform as a speaker and author to further this cause while coaching and mentoring women leaders through Queen Within community.

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