Diamond Tankard

Diamond Tankard, born September 29th 2003 to Ben and Jewel Tankard is an award-winning Reality Star who currently stars as Thicker Than Water on Bravo TV.

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Early Life and Education

Brooklyn Tankard, daughter of Ben Tankard (an author, entrepreneur and network marketing professional). She appeared on Bravo reality show Thicker Than Water as well as being her granddad’s gospel jazz artist granddaughter.

She enjoys a strong following on social media, where she posts inspirational material and mentors new entrepreneurs. She has become a role model of success and resilience; inspiring many to pursue their goals with courage.

She was born September 29th 2003 on life path 7; granddaughter to Ben and Jewel Tankard. Growing up as a fashionista who excelled at fashion design, dancing, modeling and performing was very fulfilling; also an exceptional performer with an extremely successful music career.

Professional Career

Brooklyn Tankard is an inspiring celebrity known for her successful pursuits in music, entrepreneurship, reality TV and other fields. Her motivation and drive make her an example to many others who look up to her.

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Brooklyn Tankard, born to Ben and Jewel Tankard, first rose to fame on the reality series Thicker Than Water before transitioning into her musical career. A beloved reality star with an ever-expanding fan base and vast social media following.

Achievement and Honors

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Brooklyn is an attentive mother to Diamond, her ten-year-old daughter. Diamond’s wide eyes and playful style have captured Brooklyn’s heart – she excels in designing clothes, dancing and modeling – something Brooklyn greatly admires in her daughter.

Ben has created not only his musical career, but has also written a motivational self-help book entitled, “The Full Tank Life.” Furthermore, he holds his pilot license and often travels by plane to his concerts.

He plays smooth jazz piano during NBA player development sessions to encourage players to pursue interests outside of basketball. Additionally, his charity work includes working with homeless youths.

Personal Life

Diamond Tankard prefers to keep her personal life private, especially her romantic life and relationships. She does this by keeping any information regarding partners confidential.

Thicker Than Water features her family and their entrepreneurial endeavors, while she acts as an inspirational business mentor who empowers and inspires her followers to pursue their goals and attain success in life.

She is also a dedicated philanthropist who contributes to various charitable organizations and initiatives, with an emphasis on education and financial independence, while managing both professional and family commitments simultaneously. Ben Tankard of Gospel jazz fame and Brooklyn Tankard, famed celebrity hairline model. are her parents while their granddaughter is the daughter.

Net Worth

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Jewel Tankard, an entrepreneur, author, and evangelist best known from her role on reality TV’s Thicker Than Water reality show. Additionally, she produces beauty shows as well as owning an eyelash company which sells them. Furthermore, she owns shares in Universal Beauty and Health Expo (UBHE).

Ben is a gospel jazz musician and preacher. He has composed over forty works, such as the hit track ‘Mercy Mercy Mercy’. Additionally, he played professional basketball before going into business. Together they are parents to five children: Marcus, Brooklynned Britney Benji Cyrene.

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