Dior Bodysuit

Christian Dior Bodysuit

Christian Dior bodysuits have a reputation for their intricate lace detailing, and satin-like fabric. Although the bodysuits come in a variety of colors and designs, most are made for women. Bodysuits by Dior can be very expensive, with some bodysuits costing up to $5200. However, the average price is just $2,580.

Christian Dior founded his couture house in 1946 to make elegant women more beautiful. His mission changed fashion’s landscape in the 20th century. Granville, a Normandy coastal town, was where Dior was born 1905. His parents wished for him to become a diplomat, but he wanted to explore his artistic side. His parents agreed to finance an arts gallery. It was opened in Paris by Dior in 1928.

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