Division 2 Best Famas Talent

Best FAMAS Class in Division 2

FAMAS is one of the most popular class in Division 2. This class has a high fire rate and a high DPS. The best weapon to use is the rifle. If you want to play a DPS build, you can use an AR or a Police M4. The FAMAS weapon has an overflowing potential and works well with DPS builds. This weapon is also very stable and has high RPM.

Whether you choose to be a DPS or a tank, there is a talent for you. The Unbreakable talent will restore 95% of your armor when it breaks. It has a 60 second cooldown, but will increase your chance of survival. It is a versatile talent that you can use for any build.

There are also a variety of weapons to choose from. Each weapon has a core attribute and one or two secondary attributes. Some of them also come with talents, which increase specific weapon stats. Depending on the weapon you choose, you may even be able to equip different gear.

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