Do Your Best In Japanese

Do Your Best in Japanese

Do your best is one of the easiest ways to express good luck in Japanese. You would probably be able to say “good fortune” in English if you were a Japanese person. Although “good luck” is not a common phrase, it does convey a message of good luck.

Japan is a big fan of the phrase “do your very best”. It is used to encourage hard work and “seek to do your best” in Japanese. Sometimes, however, success is not possible in every situation. To express determination and perseverance, the expression “do your very best” is used in these situations.

Japanese people use many common phrases every day. The words “arigatou” and “konnichiwa” acknowledge other people’s presence in the community. In addition, people know the correct words to say when they are leaving their home, arriving at school or work, and parting ways with someone.

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