Dog Squishmallow Name

Squishmallow Dogs With Unique Names

One Squishmallow dog has a very unique name: Barb the Dog. She is light purple, with a lilac patch over her right eye and a white belly. She also has a pink mouth and long rainbow ears. Like most other Squishmallows, Barb loves to be cuddled and can’t wait to show off her aerial tricks. In fact, she has been practicing gymnastics for her whole life and has many different ways to entertain her audience.

Another Squishmallow with a unique name is Charlie. This white Squishmallow has an adventurous spirit and enjoys traveling. He is often spotted in the most beautiful places in the world. He also has dreams of being a reporter someday. His black nose, mouth, and tongue help distinguish him from other Squishmallows, but it is his small pink tongue that makes him so endearing.

Despite their quirky names, Squishmallows can be quite expensive. They can cost anywhere from $10 to $40. However, rare and collectible Squishmallows can fetch hundreds of dollars at resale. Despite the popularity of the Squishmallows, some of the more unusual dogs have become collector’s items.

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