Drowning In Myrtle Beach

Drowning in Myrtle Beach

Over the weekend, a man from North Carolina was pulled from the ocean near Myrtle Beach. Police believe he drowned accidentally. He was found near 22nd Avenue South and later died at a local hospital. His death is currently under investigation by the Myrtle Beach Police Department.

On Sunday, April 15, the Myrtle Beach Ocean Rescue team responded to a distress call about a man floating near the ocean. The man was found unconscious, but responded to CPR and was transported to Grand Strand Medical Center. The cause of death was drowning, according to a preliminary autopsy.

Authorities believe that the man was in a rip current when he drowned. Yannick Dbumeni-Ndaleu, 21, was helping another swimmer rescue his son when he went missing. Dbumeni-Ndaleu died as a result of asphyxiation caused by drowning.

Fire officials say they received an average of 50 calls related to drowning each year. During the summer months, these calls are highest. They encourage adults to pay more attention near the water. Additionally, the Fourth of July holiday weekend is expected to bring thousands of visitors to the area. WMBF News encourages visitors to learn about emergency procedures and practice them before heading out to the beach.

Earlier this week, another drowning in Myrtle Beach was reported. The boy, named Trenton Piper, was just 11 years old. He was underwater for more than five minutes. When rescuers arrived, it was too late. The boy’s family has been devastated since the tragic incident. Police have not filed any charges in the case. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to cover funeral expenses.

Despite the tragedy, it is important to remember that a child’s life is not over until a responsible party takes responsibility. Zurihun Wolde’s family filed a lawsuit against the city of Myrtle Beach and the company that employs the lifeguards. The family said they were not provided with the proper equipment to keep Zurihun safe.

The Wolde family got up early to go to the beach, but a rip current caught them. They desperately cried for help. Other beachgoers were able to get the children to shore. Lifeguards and other beachgoers began lifesaving efforts. When Wolde’s body reached shore, she was taken to Grand Strand Hospital. Her death was ruled a drowning by the Horry County Coroner Office.

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