Dru Young And The Restless

Dru Dawson – The Troubled Sister of the Young and the Restless

The fictional character Drucilla Winters was introduced to fans of The Young and the Restless in 1990. She was played by Victoria Rowell, and was the sister of Lily Winters and Olivia Winters. She was a talented ballet dancer and eventually became a model. However, her career was not all roses. She was also embroiled in a rivalry with her sister Olivia.

Dru has a troubled past. After her mother abandoned her, she spent years living on the street. She was a victim of drunken lust. In 2007, her adopted son Devon was arrested. Dru’s past is interwoven with the present. She believes that her biological mother is still alive, even though her adopted son Devon has been arrested.

In 1990, Dru was a troubled girl. She developed a crush on her sister’s boyfriend, Nate, who is played by Nathan Purdee. Drucilla’s relationship with Olivia was tense, but eventually they grew closer. Olivia’s mother was angry at Dru for being favorite to her sister. Eventually, Dru married Neil Winter, and she eventually became a model.

While it is still unclear whether Drucilla will be back on The Young and the Restless, fans have long pushed for her return. The actress has already been booked for another series, Good Sam. The fans have shown great affection for Drucilla and want her to return. She’s been a popular character for 17 years, and fans have a strong desire to see her return.

After her marriage to Neil, Dru conceived her daughter Lily Winters. Neil wanted his wife to be a housewife, but Dru wanted a career. She took Lily with her to Europe where she continued her modeling career. Sadly, Dru was not well. Sadly, she never made it to see her children grow into adults.

David Chow, the former lover of Carmen Mesta, is determined to make Dru pay for her murder. After his arrival, Dru’s apartment is ransacked and her clothes are ripped to shreds. She is in a desperate struggle to prove her innocence in the murder of Carmen Mesta.

The original Dru Dawson was played by Victoria Rowell. She argued that the role of Dru was racially discriminatory. She claimed that the show didn’t allow her ethnicity to be a factor in the casting of the main character. She also criticized the lack of diversity in the cast and crew of soap operas.

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