Druid Outfit

The Druid Outfit

The Druid Outfit embodies Celtic style. They wear natural colors and avoid shiny materials. Their outfits can include sandals, thigh-high leather boots, or no shoes at all. They also have a distinctive, red skirt. For colder months, they can wear viking-style high leather shoes.

While there is some confusion about the exact outfit of Druids, the white robe worn by modern Druids has its origins in the 17th century. While some people still wear the robe, others have chosen not to. In addition, some hate groups have adopted similar garments.

The original Druid outfit has roots in Greco-Roman writings, medieval Irish tradition, and Irish folklore. In early Ireland, the Druids would have worn knee-length white tunics. The concept of Druids wearing white robes emerged in the Middle Ages because of a misinterpretation of Pliny’s reference to white garments. Although Pliny didn’t mention Druids wearing white robe, he probably meant white garments that were threaded with gold.

While druids wear leather and studded leather armor, they can also wear scale mail made from other materials. They may also wear metal armor if the circumstances warrant it. While druids are not allergic to metal, they prefer not to wear them. Likewise, they may prefer to eat plants rather than meat.

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