Dujuan Thomas

Dujuan Thomas is a Multi-Talented Professional With an Unwavering Passion for Success

Thomas has been ordered held without bail after being accused of kidnapping and abducting an Oak Lawn nursing home resident and beating and biting them, before kidnapping and abducting another former girlfriend before beating and biting them severely. If found guilty, Thomas faces up to 30 years imprisonment.

Tyl Bakker, his defense lawyer, told police his client denies all sex trafficking charges but does not dispute that he took her to a parking lot and attacked her.

Early Life and Education

Dujuan Thomas is a multi-talented professional with an unwavering commitment to success. Hailing from Kentucky, Dujuan has amassed an impressive resume across business, media and politics; attributing his success to both his upbringing and strong faith in Christ.

Dujuan is the founder of Louisville Exclusive LLC, a luxury boutique agency. Specializing in event production, modeling, and marketing. Dujuan has demonstrated extraordinary dedication to his community by organizing meaningful events aimed at creating unity.

Dujuan Thomas made history in Paducah, Kentucky as the youngest Mayoral Candidate ever and is also host of an engaging talk show, ‘Dujuan Thomas Live’ featuring local talent alongside Dujuan’s celebrity acquaintances and has amassed an enormous following; inspiring many young people to pursue their goals.

Professional Career

Dujuan Thomas is an engaged leader who stands ready to lead his community with dedication. Already making waves as a businessperson, talk show host, filmmaker and politician; Thomas has also found great success within basketball circles.

High school star, earning him the “LeBron Before LeBron” tag by SLAM Magazine. Since graduating high school he has gone on to play professional basketball. Kentucky has produced many players that have gone on to professional success such as himself.

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Achievement and Honors

Dajuan Thomas of East Kentwood earned All-Southern Conference recognition as a return specialist, leading the SoCon in both return yards (489) and average per return (25.7).

His first double-double came just four games into his freshman campaign as he recorded 17 points and 13 rebounds against George Washington (12/1/11). Following this feat, he would go on to record back-to-back double-doubles against West Virginia (1/18/14) and Texas (1/21/14).

Thomas made an impactful contribution during his time at school by being part of the dance team that has performed at high-profile performances. Furthermore, he is active within his community, speaking at numerous events and being featured in interviews as well as having successful YouTube and Facebook pages.

Personal Life

Dujuan Thomas is a passionate leader and an advocate for the people of Paducah. Throughout his career as a businessperson, media personality, talk show host and cinematographer he has made substantial strides forward.

He is an active member of Christ Center Church and enjoys playing football, basketball, old and new school music and fixing cars with passion. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his sons playing video games together.

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Net Worth

Dajuan Wagner amassed vast wealth during his NBA career. Retiring in 2002 after 12 successful years of professional basketball play, Dajuan became an extremely wealthy individual due to his salary earnings from playing professional basketball.

He has not only made an impactful mark in the NBA but has also worked as an actor, appearing in several movies and television shows. Furthermore, he serves as an inspirational speaker and author.

Dejuan Thomas lives in Chicago Heights, IL with his wife and two children, where he has amassed a great fortune through hard work and commitment. Dejuan has realized all his goals in life and serves as an advocate for Paducah’s citizens.

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