Dutch DJs

Dutch DJs – The Most Popular DJs in the World

Dutch DJs continue to dominate world DJ Mag rankings and remain one of the nation’s greatest assets.

Hardwell, Tiesto and Armin van Buuren are among the best known DJs. Nicky Romero, Afrojack Sander van Doorn and Martin Garrix also represent.

Early Life and Education

The Netherlands is well known for producing dance music talent. Armin Van Buuren, widely considered the world’s number one DJ, hails from Leiden in South Holland where he attended law school before discovering that DJing was his true calling.

He began his career working in local clubs and bars while earning extra cash designing websites for other musicians. But after discovering Tiesto’s “Traffic” at a party in 2004, his musical direction changed drastically as he decided to focus on becoming a DJ instead.

Garrix seamlessly mixes musical genres to craft his own distinctive sound, leading him to become the CEO of LDH Europe – an organization dedicated to nurturing young Dutch artists – as well as his own Reebok RBK shoe line and was chosen by Microsoft to launch Vista operating system in the Netherlands.

Professional Career

Dutch DJs are among the world’s best known, with names like Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Martin Garrix becoming household names due to their unique music that has revolutionised global dance scene.

The Netherlands provides an ideal setting for budding DJs to learn and develop their craft. Its compact size brings people together easily, making networking and collaboration between peers much simpler.

The Netherlands is home to many dance festivals that draw crowds from around the globe. These events provide young people with an excellent opportunity to develop their musical talent and be inspired by some of the industry’s top professionals.

Achievement and Honors

Dutch DJ’s are well-renowned for their immense talent, innovation and openness – qualities which have resulted in massive success as evidenced by numerous awards they have garnered.

Tiesto became the first Dutch DJ ever to claim DJ Mag’s world number one position three times, along with numerous international best DJ awards and becoming an Officer of Orange-Nassau.

Rotterdam-born composer Alex Iversen stands out as an innovative modernist. His musical vision spans across genres and decades; his productions provide a treat for the ears while his unique style has won him praise from peers and fans alike – truly an artist with limitless creativity!

Personal Life

The Dutch are widely recognized for their highly creative culture, which extends into music. Some of the world’s best DJs such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Hardwell and Martin Garrix hail from this creative group.

Tijs Michiel Verwest OON, better known by his stage name Tiesto, is a Dutch DJ and producer hailing from Breda. He has won five-consecutive years’ of the DJ Mag’s World’s Top DJ Ranking.

Garrix, at 23 years old, is also the youngest artist ever to hold this title. His unique sound has audiences worldwide dancing up-and-down with their hands in the air and listening in anticipation. His signature groovy big room club sound leaves listeners wanting more; so much so that Microsoft has now released an application called Vista specifically tailored for him as DJ app.

Net Worth

Tiesto holds the top spot as one of the wealthiest DJs worldwide, earning approximately $40 Million each year through merchandise sales, album releases and tours.

Next on our list is Dutch producer and DJ Martin Garrix, known for his trance music that has been showcased at many large festivals. Garrix currently boasts an estimated net worth of $30 Million.

Paul van Dyk is one of the top earners in electronic dance scene. Aside from DJing and producing, his expertise encompasses musicianship, composition and entrepreneurship; as well as being the radio host for The Pete Tong Show on BBC Radio 1. Van Dyk currently boasts an estimated net worth of $33 Million.

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