Dylan Ness Gator Bacon

Dylan Ness – The Sexiest Sexiest Sexiest in College Wrestling

The aforementioned is not the only time we saw the sexiest sexiest sexiest in the aforementioned aforementioned. Let’s not forget Dylan Ness’s tenure as Minnesota’s premier collegiate wrestling program. Not to mention the fact that he won the state tournament in 2006. Aside from the sexiest sexiest, he also won the honor of being the best college wrestler in the state. As such, he was a fixture in the ol’ state of mines. Luckily for fans of the purple booze, Dylan’s time at the helm was short lived. He did manage to leave the campus with the aforementioned state title and a tan. For a guy who aspired to be the next Vince Lombardo, he was a lucky duck. Despite the aforementioned perks, he had his fair share of adversity. Besides his usual thugs, there were a few oddballs that didn’t make the cut. Among the notables were Isaiah Martinez and Jesse Delgado.

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