Elast Members

Elast Members – Are There Any Short Elast Members?

The mini album Elast contains eight members with diverse musical backgrounds who are all eager to take their music career to the next level. The group’s leader, Choi, was born in February 1996, and the members’ first songs were released on their debut mini album, Swear. In addition to Choi, the group’s other members include Seungyeop (born May 08, 1997), Rano (December 10, 1998), and Wonjun (April 24, 2001).

The E’LAST members range in height and body size. Some of them are extremely tall, while others are very short. In a recent interview with Kpopmap, the group revealed some interesting information. For instance, fans may be interested in finding out which member of the group is the tallest. Another question that may be on your mind is: Are there any short E’LAST members?

E’LAST, formerly known as EBOYZ, is a South Korean boy group formed by E Entertainment. The group’s members were previously known as EBOYZ, but were later renamed E’LAST during their trainee days. They will debut on June 9, 2020 with the Day Dream mini album. The members have fans who refer to them as ELRINGs. They are constantly responding to their fans and stay connected to them. The two members of E’LAST were actually classmates in middle and high school.

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