Elizabeth Hurley Nip Slip

Elizabeth Hurley Avoids a Nip Slip

Elizabeth Hurley has been delighting her fans with flesh fusing antics all week long. She’s been promoting her sexy new swimwear line, posting a number of sizzling pictures on her Instagram feed and even splurging on the latest haute couture a la the likes of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Kate Moss. At times her Instagram followers have been astute, as in the case of a nip slip in her most recent post.

However, it appears she may be avoiding a nip slip of her own. Indeed, she took to the water – literally – in Greece and swam to her heart’s content. Her Instagram posts, including a number of sultry swim pics, have sparked a number of comments and questions from her adoring followers. Many of the comments were not favourable, and some have gone as far as unfollowing her on the social networking platform. Other commenters have commended her for eschewing nipples in the name of sizzling style.

In the words of the Austin Powers actress, there are plenty of other ways to show off your assets. For example, she took to the beach in a top notch swimsuit. The aforementioned sizzle was accompanied by a bevy of selfies. Perhaps the best part was the company of friends she was able to snag in her sexy embrace. Not only was her hair and make-up impeccable, she also made it look that way. It was like a sexy, sultry babe had stepped right out of the pages of a fashion magazine.

The best way to sum up this flurry of activity is to say she was on vacation. But, it appears she is avoiding that fate with the most enviable of the sizzling hot. And for her many loyal followers, there’s no reason not to be. When she’s not busy strutting her stuff, Liz is busy juggling family members and making her mark as a fashion designer and stylist. With a fashion collection to rival the likes of Chanel and Chanel, Hurley seems to have a lot to keep her busy. Thankfully she seems to be in good spirits.

Besides, she’s got the sexiest looking son on the way. A gander at her most recent Instagram posts will give you an idea of her family situation. As for her work life, Hurley has designated specific roles and jobs for her family members. If the most recent pictures are any indication, she’s clearly taking the time to do things she can’t do in her current role. After all, she’s still a mother of 18 years and it’s only natural to want her kids to experience everything she does.

The most interesting ad that she has put out this week is the latest flurry of sizzling photos from her sexy swim line. She even shared a pic of herself doing a handstand on a pristine white sand beach. Among her more noteworthy pics was a photo of her posing in a safety pin dress. That’s a feat in itself, let alone a dress which held up the aforementioned halter-neck straps.

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